July 4th - Family Fun Day

Ashbourne Swim Club

Dear Members,

We have a lot going on at the pool on Thursday, with fun for almost all ages.  Listen for the announcements for when the events will take place.  Hopefully the weather cooperates.  We will try to get as much in as we can.

POOL HOURS ARE 12-8pm on Wednesday.

Here are a few reminders:

  • The gates open at noon. You can line up prior to that if you like. The only people permitted in the pool before noon are the guards and the board members to get the grounds ready.
  • It will be crowded. Please be considerate of your fellow members and only use chairs that you need. It might also be a good idea to bring a chair with you, just in case. Do not save tables. Guest passes are limited to 6 per membership.
  • As always, there is no glass allowed on the pool grounds.  Collers will be checked.
  • Diving toys such as rings and soft water balls are allowed when the pool is not crowded.  Please ask the guards before bringing them into the big pool. All other toys are not allowed in the big pool.
  • Please be considerate of your fellow members when using the refrigerators.
  • The pool will close at 8:00 pm on Wednesday.

The July 4th activities will start at with a visit from the Claymont Fire Co Fire engine. Other activities on may include:

  • Washer Toss- Baby Pool
  • Juice Box Toss- Baby Pool
  • Bucket & Sponge Race- Front Lawn
  • Soda Toss- Main Pool (Ages 11 and under & Ages 12 and older) 
  • Beer Toss- Main Pool (Ages 21+)
  • Cornhole Tournament- Front Lawn (Teams of Two)
  • Ping Pong Tournament- Garage Area

Sign up sheets for the tournaments will be available on the bulletin board this week.  All activities are subject to cancellation or change, so please listen for announcements during the day.


All Scheduling is subject to change due to weather
Disclaimer: These are never proofread so please disregard any grammar or spelling errors.