Weekly Update - August 12

Ashbourne Swim Club

Hello Members!

If you get a chance, click this link to see some pictures from Springfield Swim Club after the storms last week.  They ended up having to drain the entire pool to get it clean.  With a lot of help they will be open tomorrow.  Good thing we are not in a low lying area!  (You may need a facebook account to see that....sorry)

Weekly Events
  • Wednesday, August 14 - Tube Night 6:00-7:30pm
  • Saturday, August 17 - Hot Dogs, Tubes, Stars
    • Hot Dogs  - 4:30 - $1 plain, $2 loaded
    • Tube Night - 6:00-7:30pm
    • Stars - Pool will close at 10:00pm - we turn on the big lights for night swimming.


Crab Feast Reminder

  • Saturday, August 31 - Crab Feast
    • Deadline to Sign Up is August 25 - Sheet is on the bulletin board
    • Cost is TBD depending on participation
    • Pool will remain open until 8:00pm.  The area by the grill will be reserved


All Scheduling is subject to change due to weather
Disclaimer: These are never proofread so please disregard any grammar or spelling errors.