Weekly Update - July 27

Ashbourne Swim Club
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August Hours
In years past we have cut back hours in August due to many people going away on vacation and low turn out at the pool.  However, given the circumstances and the fact we missed some days at the beginning of the season, our August hours will be
  • Noon - 9pm Sunday through Friday
  • Noon - 10pm Saturdays
We may adjust this as necessary depending on staffing and number of people taking advantage of the extended hours.
  • Guests - Guests are only allowed on the grounds when accompanied by an adult member.  They can not be here earlier than you or stay on their own when you leave.  They must also follow all of the pool rules, so please make sure you explain the rules to them before they use the pool. 
  • All kids must pass the swim test before using the deep end to either swim or use the diving board.  Please see a guard to have the test administered.
  • Masks - please remember to keep wearing your masks into and out of the pool grounds and when in any common areas (such as the rest rooms and getting a chair) and when near people you are not normally social with.
Swimming Under the Stars - Saturday August 1
The pool will stay open until 10pm
Slushies and Hockey - Sunday August 2
  • Adult frozen drinks will be available for purchase starting at 1:00.
  • We are going to do our best to set up a TV for the Flyers game at 3:00.
Weekly Trivia
Provide your answer on our Facebook page.  We will choose one person from the correct answers to win a small prize.
Who did Ashbourne purchase our land from?  Bonus point for knowing how much was paid.

All Scheduling is subject to change due to weather
Disclaimer: These are never proofread so please disregard any grammar or spelling errors.