Weekly Update - September 14

Ashbourne Swim Club
Hello Members,
This is our last regular weekly update of the season.
This was certainly a strange summer and we want to thank all of our members and staff for rising to the challenge to make this a very successful summer.  We hope that next summer will be a return to normalcy but, we are very prepared if we need to repeat some or all of our current procedures.  So, THANK YOU all for your patience and understanding.  We hope the pool provided a nice diversion from the challenges we all had to face these past 6 months.
We will be having a clean up day in September and we also plan to do some patching of the pool before winter sets in.  We will make sure we communicate to all of you the dates and times well in advance so you can plan ahead. Hours worked will count towards maintenance hours for 2021!  More hands make less work, so if you can spare an hour or 2 it would be greatly appreciated. 
The Board will be meeting in October to review where we are financially and what projects and maintenance we need to address in the off season. 
We will continue to be in touch with you for updates when necessary.  We hope everyone has a safe and healthy off season!