• All pool parties must be scheduled through the Pool Manager at the front desk or through [email protected]. You will get a confirmation once approved. 
  • All non-member attendees must pay a $5.00 guest fee per guest, even if those guests are not swimming. 
  • Payment for the party must be made 50% upon approval and 50% upon arrival.  
  • Party scheduling forms are available in the pool office and at the pdf listed below.  


  • Parties should be limited to 25 guests (does not include those attending who are already members).
    • Members must be current with membership dues to request a party.
    • Members cannot sponsor parties for non‐members.
  • We will only schedule a maximum of two parties per day. Parties will be scheduled first come, first serve.
    • All members will be provided access to their party area one hour prior to the start time.
    • Please hand in the party reservation form no later than 7 days in advance.
    • Parties are limited to no more than 4 hours.
  • All guests must leave the pool grounds at the party end time.
    • The member who requested the party must remain on property during the entire party.
    • Members are responsible for ensuring their guests adhere to all of the club rules.
    • Any guest not adhering to the rules will be asked to leave the grounds and the party may be terminated.
    • No parties will be booked on Memorial Day weekend, Labor Day weekend and July 4th . Other dates may be added at the Board’s discretion.
  • A list of all attendees (members and non‐members) must be handed in 1 week prior to the party along with a 50% deposit, the other 50% must be made upon arrival.
    • The member must pay for all guests regardless if they are swimmers or non-swimmers.
    • Failure to provide a guest list will result in cancellation of the party.
    • Deposit is non‐refundable if the party is cancelled within 24 hours of the party.
    • Failure to pay will prohibit booking any future parties and may result in membership termination.
    • This will ensure that there will be enough staff working during the day.
  • Parties should end by 8:30pm.
    • Parties are weather dependent.  If the pool is closed due to weather, you will have to talk to a manager to reschedule.
    • Members are responsible for ensuring the party area is free of trash after the party.


Google Form to Fill out:  Link