MAY a BOnd be transferred from family to family?

Yes.  However, first year members that join and use a transferred bond will not be eligible for the reduced first year membership dues.

WHERE MAY I GO WHEN there is a home SWIM MEET?

River Road is closed to members for our home swim meets beginning at 4 pm (three days in the summer). First, we hope that if you have a child age four to eighteen, you would be joining us at the meets! If that doesn't work for you, we hope you would cheer on our RoadRunners during the meet.  But if it's hot and you want to get cool, you are welcomed free of charge at our opponents pool!  You are granted free use of all facilities!  



All River Road Members with children aged six and under can come to the club and splash in the baby pool from 9am to 11am, Monday through Friday during the swim team season. After the swim season, we will revert to normal pool hours. The Snack Shack is closed, so we encourage families to bring their own treats and beverages for Munchkin Mornings. The main pool opens at noon.