Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the last date to register?
A: We like to have our final roster by the mock meet but we will take new swimmers all summer.

Q: How many jobs do I have to work?
A: Each year we divide the jobs required by how many families we have. We will announce the number of jobs per family in mid to late April.

Q: What happens if I miss/don’t work a job
A: Failure to show up for a job or simply not working 6 jobs will result in a $75 fine per missed job.

Q: Why do I have to work so many jobs?
A: Every meet requires 25-40 people from our team to pull it off. The jobs are fairly simple and the meet cannot take place without our volunteers. 

Q: Can I pay a fee to opt out of working at the meets?
A: Yes, $75 per job.

Q: What if my child can’t make practice?
A: We understand that summer is a busy time and you plan family vacations and summer camps that conflict with practice and it's not a problem if they miss.

Q: Can my child participate in a meet if they miss practice?
A: Yes, many of our swimmers participate in summer day camps that make them unavailable for practice in the morning, but they still swim in the meets at night.

Q: How far in advance should I tell the coaches my child won’t be at a meet?
A: 48 hours

Q: What time do I need to arrive for a meet?
A: Weekend meets start at 8:30 am which means swimmers need to be to the pool by 7:30 for check in and in the pool at 8:00 for warm ups. Weekday meets start at 5:30 pm which means swimmers need to be to the pool by 4:30 for check in and in the pool at 5:00 for warm ups.