Job Descriptions

Below is a listing of jobs that need to be filled for each meet to take place. Please note, whatever job you choose you will always be able to see your swimmer’s event.

Eight people are needed for home meets, 10-14 people for away meets. Each lane requires 3 timers – the home team provides 1 timer for lanes assigned to the home team, and 2 timers for those lanes assigned to the guest team. Start and stop the stopwatch for each event and record the final time on the appropriate forms. This job begins with a timers’ meeting about 15 minutes prior to the start of the meet and ends after the last relay. You will be on the pool deck, so dress for the conditions.

One person needed at each meet. The runner collects the disqualification cards from the officials and the timers’ sheets, and brings them to the computer room. Wear comfortable shoes – most of your time is spent walking around the pool deck.

One person needed to label ribbons and file it in swimmers' folders. This job can be done after the meet. You need to get the label printout from the home team at the end of the meet and the ribbons are in the swim closet with the swimmer folders. You can work at the pool during practice or bring them home to complete. Please be sure to have ribbons completed no more than two days after a meet.

Computer Scoring
Two people are needed to verify and enter times, and then pass on information to those doing awards, and possibly posting the results. This job begins well before the start of the meet (can be done at your house on the team laptop) and ends when the final heat has been entered and tabulated. To perform this job you must be trained to use the Team Unify TouchPad program. If you sign up for computers at an away meet you don't need to be trained in the software. You will most likely match up DQ cards with timer sheets.

Six people are needed to work setting up and selling concessions, and preparing food. One person needed to grill the hot dogs and hamburgers. If you are working the first half of concessions you must show up at 4:00 pm for an evening meet and 7:00 am for a Saturday meet. If you are working the second half of concessions you must stay until EVERYTHING is cleaned up and put away. If you fail to show up on time or leave early you will NOT receive credit for working your job. In addition to working in concessions, you may be required to walk the pool deck offering water to officials and timers. This is for home meets only.

Marshal (AKA Gate Control)
One person needed at each home meet to monitor spectators and swimmers, making sure “swim meet etiquette” is being followed. No food is allowed past the gate on the pool deck. It would be appreciated if a father would periodically check the boys’ bathroom. This is for home meets only.

Two adults are needed to make sure little ones are directed to their events. Most of the time will be spent in the bullpen area and needs to be identified for the younger swimmers before the beginning of the meet. You will be trained prior to the start of the meet on how to read a heat sheet and how to line the swimmers up.

Trained by the swim conference. Their responsibilities include judging the swimmers’ strokes and turns; starting and refereeing the meet. Two to four are needed for each home meet, two for each meet away.

The announcer is on the pool deck and announces each event of the meet. This person will also read our sponsor commercials. This is for home meets only.

Set-Up/Number Flipper/Clean-Up
This person checks in at home meets and sets up the sponsor banners around the pool deck, hangs the flags and numbers from the balcony, flips the numbers for heats and events throughout the meet and then takes it all down at the completion of the meet and puts it away in the appropriate bin in our swim closet. This is for home meets only.

Heat Winners
One person is needed to walk the deck and hand out heat winner tags at the end of each event.  This is for home meets only.

Bag Tag Maker
We need about 1000 bag tags for the season that need to be made using our Stingray card, a sponsor's business card and laminating machine. This job can be done at home and we give you all the supplies. It's usually done in the first two weeks of the season. 

Hot Dog Night and Pizza and Poster Night
We need people to arrive early for set up of tables upstairs and downstairs, setting out of food, in addition to take down and clean up of all the food. We also need cashiers for both events. We also need someone to grill at hot dog night and a few ice cream servers at pizza and poster night.