The benefit of the doubt should ALWAYS go to the swimmer. 


If you see something, raise your hand. You cannot write a DQ without raising your hand. If you are unsure, put your hand down. 



    •    Arm pull doesn’t matter; kick doesn’t matter (anything goes) 

    •    No more than 15 meters underwater (almost to the far end flags) — surface swimming after that 

    •    Touch wall at end w/any part of the body — can go back & touch (in order of laps) — and at finish 

    •    Can’t push off the bottom & propel self forward but can touch bottom & go back up 

    •    Hang on lane line is okay but can’t push off lane line to keep going 



    •    start in water, toes cannot curl up over the gutter but can be over the waterline — at least one hand on the wall

    •    Arm pull doesn’t matter; kick doesn’t matter 

    •    Can hit lane line

    •    Must remain on back w/shoulders still in contact w/water — standing on bottom or in vertical position is a DQ

    •    Remain on back until touch wall to finish (at vertical is okay)

    •    Finish length on back, touch wall, push off, stay on back (touch and go)

    •    Backstroke turn: one single or double arm pull on belly, kick (if needed), then flip turn, when feet leave the wall, must be vertical or on back — okay if arm pull starts on back and turns to belly and then add’l arm pull  — do not have to take an arm pull 

    •    No more than 15 meters underwater — surface swimming after that 



    •    simultaneous freestyle

    •    One arm pull, dolphin kicks, stay underwater no more than 15 meters

    •    Butterfly kick — two feet moving in the same direction at the same time (doesn’t matter about ankle position) 

    •    Arm pull — fingers come out of water, it’s legal (in this conference) — simultaneous matters but symmetry does not 

    •    Two-hand touch at turn & finish (at, above, or below water) — cannot stack hands

    •    No rules for breathing 



    •    can swim underwater only one arm pull and one leg kick 

    •    One arm pull past hips, (optional butterfly kick), then breaststroke kick (propulsion from side of the foot), then streamline 

    •    Second arm pull, head breaks the surface, then arms turn in 

    •    One arm pull, one leg kick, one arm pull, one leg kick (cycle stroke)

    •    At end turn, one butterfly kick allowed before first breaststroke kick 

    •    Two-hand (simultaneous) touch above, at, below the water — feet leave wall, vertical or on belly leaving the turn 


Individual Medley (fly, back, breast, free)

    •    have to start and finish each stroke legally before starting the next 

    •    No flip turns bc only 100 IM 

    •    Freestyle in IM has to be front crawl or a stroke that looks different than the three previous strokes 

    •    15 meter underwater restriction applies for every stroke but breast


Medley Relay (back, breast, fly, free)

    •    judge turns for 200s

    •    Toes remain in contact w/block until previous swimmer touches the wall 

    •    A swimmer can only do 1/4 of the lengths 


6 & unders

    •    backstroke & freestyle only

    •    No DQs for stroke violation 

    •    DQ for cheating — pulling on lane line to win, to beat somebody, to get a better ribbon 


Swimmers w/disabilities

    •    Judge all swimmers unless head official says not to (coach has to tell the official)


“If you’re not sure, put your hand back in your pocket.”