Parent Volunteer Jobs FAQ


What are the Parent Job Requirements for each family?

Minimum job requirements for each family are typically 4-6 separate jobs during the regular season depending on how many families are registered.  The exact number will be determined in early April. In addition each family is also required to work (2) shifts at Championships.

When do I have to do my job?

Most jobs at the dual meets are a half-day shifts – detailed as 1st Shift which starts around 8:00 a.m. or 2nd Shift which starts around 11:00 a.m. The times vary based on when the meet starts, how the meet is progressing, and how many swimmers there are, etc.  There may also be jobs/shifts available at other team events or functions.

I am a parent of a 6 and Under Swimmer.  Do I still need to sign-up for jobs?

Yes, parents who have only swimmer(s) who are in the 6&U age group still work a total of 4-6 shifts.  When working at meets, they only work 1st Shift jobs.  This is because this age group only competes in the first half of each meet.  On Championships weekend, they only work on Saturday since 6&U swimmers do not swim on Sunday.  Families with ONLY 6&U swimmers receive priority when signing up for their parent jobs for the season.

What Jobs are Pre-filled?

Pre-filled jobs are seasonal jobs where a parent may coordinate a particular area or work the same job throughout the season, i.e., Starter, Meet Ref, Head Timer.  These jobs sometimes require work outside of the meets.   In most cases these jobs are filled by the Board of Directors prior to jobs signups.  A list of open seasonal jobs will be sent out prior to job sign-ups.  If you are interested, please contact a Board Member or the Jobs Coordinator.

Why do I have to have a credit card on file for the Job's Requirement?

During registration, families are required to have an active credit card on file in their family's Team Unify account. At the end of the season, if a family's required volunteer shifts were not completed, your family account will be charged $300.  The $300 does not replace the responsibility of working.  In order to run an efficient swim meet, we need all parent volunteers to sign-up for and complete their job responsibilities.

Are there additional penalities if my family does not complete their job's requirement?

Yes, in addition to the $300 charge to your family's credit card, your family will also forfeit their priority registration for the following swim season.

How do I sign up for my jobs?

Job sign-ups are conducted on-line using the team's Team Unify website usually in April.  The priority for sign-ups are: 1) Families with ONLY 6&U swimmers,  2) All other families 

I want to get a head start on sign-ups.  Can I sign up early?

Even though you may have access to the web site, if you sign up before your authorized time, your selections will be deleted.

How do I know what jobs to sign up for?

Review the job descriptions for the parent jobs by clicking on the Parent Jobs Info tab above and decide which jobs you are interested in.  Consider your skills and interests or ask friends who have been on the team before about each job.  Review the team’s calendar and determine which dates you are available to work your shifts.  Ask friends who have been on the team which 

Are there jobs with defined start and end times?

The following jobs have specific start times: Ribbon Writer and Snack Bar.  Contact the Jobs Coordinator for more information about this.

Can I sign up for more than one job on the same day?

In an effort to ensure that all our families have the opportunity to meet their volunteer requirements, families may sign up for no more than 2 jobs on the same day.  Please make sure that you will be able to cover both jobs.

What if I don’t know how to do my job?

Ask the jobs coordinator or any Board member prior to signing up for a job if you have any questions.

Do I need to check in for my job shift(s)?

At the meets, there is a designated table where you check in for your job(s).  ALL check in is done with the Parent Jobs Coordinator starting at 7:00 AM immediately after you check in your swimmers regardless of which shift you work.    

What if I can’t work my shift?

If you find you can’t work your shift for any reason it is your responsibility to trade with another parent.  If you are able to trade with another parent, you must report the trade to the Jobs Coordinator prior to the meet day.  

My child got sick before the meet at the last minute and can’t swim. What do I do?  Even if your child gets sick and does not attend the meet, you are still responsible to work your shift or you must get another parent to cover for you.  If you have an absolute emergency or cannot get a replacement at the last minute, contact the Parent Jobs Coordinator.  Contact must be received the morning of the meet by 8:00 a.m.  If you are a no call, no show, your volunteer deposit check will be cashed.

When do I sign up for Championships?

We receive a list from the League in early July that gives us our team’s volunteer requirements for Champs.  As soon as we know the needs, families will be notified of the sign-up date for jobs and will be required to sign up for two (2) jobs.