Information for March Clinics 2021


Arden Park Pool

The Arden Park Dolphins swim at the pool located at the Arden Park Community Center.  The address is 1000 La Sierra Dr., Sacramento, CA, 95864.  Please refer to the following diagram for more details.



COVID Screening

To streamline entry onto the pool deck, we will be using an online screening tool.  Each swimmer (or their parent/guardian) is asked to go online before practice and complete a symptoms check and answer a few questions about COVID exposure and testing.  The questions have been generated to align with county and CDPH guidelines for participation in youth recreational sports.


The survey will be located on our website with a link on the home page.  Please complete this screening prior to arrival so as to not delay entry into the facility.


In order to maintain the effectiveness of the screening, we want to ask everyone to take their time as you read each symptom and answer the questions related to testing and exposure.  We recommend that parents of younger swimmers answer the questions together.  


Swimmer Line Up, Deck Movement, and Observation Areas (6Us, 7/8s)

Swimmers should arrive at the pool ready to swim.  That means suits on, caps on, and goggles in hand.  Swimmers will line up along the perimeter fencing near the pool’s entrance.  Spots will be marked to ensure 6 feet of distancing between each swimmer.  Swimmers will be required to wear a mask while in line until they set their bags down on the pool deck or on the grassy area behind the blocks.  A coach will meet the swimmers and check them in 5 minutes prior to the start of their practice.  (Please arrive no more than 10 minutes before the beginning of your practice).


If you are running late we will do our best to bring you on deck quickly.  With limited coaching staff on deck at each practice, there may be a delay in meeting you at the entrance, however, the coaches will look for an opportunity to bring you on deck.




Line up

Along fence 


Practice Starts

Practice Ends

Pick up by


6U (T/Th only)

3:55 PM


4:00 PM

4:30 PM

4:35 PM


Parking lot


4:20 PM


4:30 PM

5:00 PM

5:10 PM 


Parking lot


4:50 PM


5:00 PM

5:45 PM

5:55 PM


Parking lot


5:35 PM


5:45 pm

6:45 PM

6:55 PM


Parking lot


Once inside the facility swimmers will go to their designated spot to place their bags and belongings.  As a group they will head over to their lane.


Swimmers will swim 2 per lane with one swimmer at the block end and one at the deck end.


Once practice is over, swimmers will return to their bags, gather their belongings and put on their masks.  They’ll move as a group between the large parks and rec shed and the bleachers and head to the grassy area behind the blue shade structures to exit through the back gate of the facility.  Younger swimmers may meet their parent or caregiver at the grassy area behind the blue shade structures to exit the facility.  Older swimmers should exit the facility through the back gate and make their way towards the parking lot pick up area.  We ask that there is no staying after practice inside the pool area.


Other important notes:

Everyone inside the facility must be masked.  This includes family members, any siblings, any volunteers, and coaching staff, as outlined by CDPH guidelines.


The pool deck will be for swimmers and coaches only.  Parents of our youngest age groups (6U, and ⅞’s) may observe practice from the grassy area behind the blue shade structures on the deck end of the facility.  6 feet of distancing must be maintained between families, including siblings.


Every swimmer should come to practice dressed and ready to swim (suits on, caps on, goggles in hand).  Swimmers should also bring to practice their own:

Water bottle,


Swim fins (ages 6 - 10),

2-3 swim caps (nice to have in case of rips or tears),

1-2 pairs of swim goggles (nice to have in case of breaks).

Families may choose to also provide their own:

Kickboard (all age groups),

Pull buoys (ages 11 and up),

We’re looking forward to another great season of March Clinics!  We’re excited to see you on the deck soon!