Skip The Dishes! - Home Meet vs Amador Polar Bears - AP Youth Triathlon Is Back... AND MORE!

Jennifer Laing

Calendar Events


Tuesday, June 22 - Dine and Donate at Chipotle!  It’s Taco Tuesday!  Why not grab some to go and support our team?  Read below for details!


Saturday, June 26 - HOME MEET vs Amador Polar Bears!  All swimmers are reflected as ATTENDING all swim meets on our website.  If you cannot attend a swim meet, you must change your swimmer’s commitment on our team website.  The deadline to sign out of this meet is tonight, Monday, June 21, by midnightRead on for details.


Sunday, August 15 - Save the date!  AP Youth Triathlon is BACK!


Coach’s Message

Hello Dolphins! Welcome to another busy week! I hope everyone had a great weekend off! This week we are going to continue working on keeping our heads down on our finishes. We will also focus on keeping our heads back on backstroke and also finishing on our backs. We are still getting some disqualifications on little things on our breaststroke and butterfly so we are going to make sure we are not sneaking in any flutter kicks or one-handed touches. We will also be doing some turns in the latter part of the week. Don’t forget to bring a water bottle every day to practice! It is hot and we need to make sure athletes stay hydrated! 


We will also have a day of swimming and dry land combined. Unfortunately, we don’t have the time at the pool to run dryland separate from our practice so we try to incorporate it into our swims at least once a week. Dryland is very important for swimming. 

WHY do dry land?  

-Develop better posture through core engagement and upper body strength, which helps improve breathing in the water. 

-Dryland training develops power unmatched by any training a swimmer can do in the pool. 

-The purpose of dryland training for swimming is to improve the swimmer’s power, athleticism, and overall speed in the pool. 

-Dryland for swimming is critical to a swimmer's development and it translates to greater performance in the water.


During morning swim we do tons of starts and turns! If you want some extra help in that area and can make it to morning swim, come and join us! We love to see your smiling faces in the morning!


Just a reminder deadline to sign out of this week's meet is tonight at midnight! Hopefully, everyone will be here! 


Have an amazing week! See you at the pool!


Sabrina Henley

AP Dolphins Head Coach

[email protected]


Dine and Donate at Chipotle!

Skip the dishes!  We are doing our 1st Dine & Donate on Tuesday, June 22nd at Chipotle! Take the night off from cooking while also supporting our swim team. See the attached flyer for more details!


Home Meet vs Amador Polar Bears

  • 6:00am – Park opens for families to set up pop-ups, shade structures, etc.  Friday night set up is not available.

  • 6:45am – ALL Swimmers Check In.  Make sure your swimmers are checked into the meet with a Coach.  DO NOT BE LATE!  

  • 7:00am – Jobs Check In.  All volunteers (1st Shift Jobs and 2nd Shift Jobs) must check in at the Jobs Check In table located just beyond the concessions area.  PLEASE BE ON TIME.

  • 7:00am - Warm ups start. For age groups, see below.

  • 8:30am – On Time Start.


Other Meet Details - PLEASE READ!

  • All 6&U, 7/8, and 9/10 swimmers need to check in with their designated Team Parent to get their heat and lane assignments and to see if they are swimming in relay events.  

  • **IMPORTANT**The meet begins with the Mixed 6&U 100 Yard Free Relay, followed by the Medley Relays.  Parents, please make sure that if your 6U, 7/8 or 9/10 swimmer is swimming in a relay event, that they are behind the blocks at their designated lane (or on the deck end) immediately following the team cheer.  WE WILL NOT BE RUNNING RELAYS THROUGH THE READY BENCH!

  • **IMPORTANT** Parents of 10 and under swimmers: once the meet begins, please follow the meet and make sure your swimmers are at the age group tents 4-5 event numbers before their event.  Team Parents will circle our team area and call for swimmers and events,  please listen carefully in our team area for announcements as the area can be loud. This is important as it helps us run the meet on time.  At the age group tents, the Team Parents will line them up and take them to the Ready Bench.  Thank you for your help!

  • A Meet Sheet will be posted on the exterior of the bathroom wall.

  • The meet will be published on Meet Mobile, an app that provides real-time results and standings to its users.  **Please note** Heat and lane assignments are offered free of charge, and results are available as a paid feature.  For a quick tutorial on how to use the app, visit our website and click on the “Documents” tab.

  • Warm up times will be as follows: 

11/12’s, 13-15’s, 15-18’s:  7:00am – 7:10am

9/10’s:  7:10am – 7:20am

7/8’s:  7:20am – 7:30am 

6U’s:  7:30am - 7:35am (optional)

Swimmers, please make sure you are behind the blocks and ready to warm up during your designated time.  We need to be out of the pool by 7:35am so our guest team can get in the water for their warm ups.

  • Concessions will be open.



Registration for the 2021 Splash and Dash edition of the Arden Park Youth Triathlon is now open!

Register Now at (select "Youth Sports/Fitness")

In the last year and a half, everything has been so uncertain. Those of us involved with the triathlon planning really wanted to bring the event back this year to bring our community together again! It will, of course, look much different than it has in the past.

We have decided to skip the bike portion this year in an effort to simplify the event and plan it in a short amount of time. Without knowing what the restrictions would be for this type of event, we couldn’t start planning until just a few weeks ago. Athletes will swim their respective amount of laps (5-6 / 1 lap; 7-8 / 3 laps; 9-16 / 5 laps). Then, they will head over to transition to get ready to run their laps of the run course (5-6 / 1 lap; 7-8 / 3 laps; 9-16 / 4 laps).

We are adding an "Open Division" this year where more competitive athletes can race against others in a wider age group than normal (7 to 10 and 11 to 16). Boys and Girls will race equally and the distances will be standardized as well (5 Swim Laps and 4 Run Laps).

Without the bike portion of the event, we are anticipating this being a much shorter event overall. But, hopefully one that the participants will enjoy and feel accomplished at the end. We still can’t make it work without your help! While we won’t need as many people to cover the bike course, there are many volunteer positions that will need to be filled.

Please reach out if you’re willing to step into one of these positions on the day of the event (NOTE: If you've already indicated your volunteer preferences during registration, we will be in touch with you soon. You don't need to use this form).


Christina Joyce

Race Director

Arden Park Youth Triathlon

[email protected]


Open Board Positions

The Arden Park Dolphins are currently seeking new members to fill open positions on the Board of Directors beginning the 2022 season.

The Arden Park Dolphins incorporated as Arden Park Aquatics in 2009 and is governed by a volunteer parent Board of Directors. In accordance with the Bylaws governing our program, the members of the Board serve a three-year term and may serve in various Board positions throughout their term.  As a member of the Board of Directors, you will be fulfilling your family job requirements for the entirety of your three-year term.    

We will begin accepting nominations from our members in the weeks to come to fill the following two positions on the Board of Directors:

  • Registrar
  • Vice President/President/League Representative (3-year Progression)

The descriptions associated with these positions are posted on the Arden Park Dolphins website under the "Documents" tab or by clicking the link below.  No prior experience is required for the open positions.

If you’re interested in serving your swim community, please feel welcome to reach out to any one of our current Board members for more information.