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Jennifer Laing

Calendar Events


Friday, July 23:  AP Dolphins Award Night!  We invite ALL Dolphins and their families to celebrate the season.  More information below!


Saturday, July 24:  Rio Del Oro Championship Invitational! More information will be available this week!


Awards Night

Join us this Friday, July 23rd at 6:00 p.m. for our annual awards night!  This is an opportunity to gather one more time as a member of our epic 2021 swim team and celebrate the successes of each swimmer, our coaches, and yes, you the parents.  We will award High Point awards for each age group, recognize our Most Improved swimmers, and our coaches have a few fun awards to give as well!

WHAT TO BRING: The event will be picnic-style, held under the large oak tree at Arden Park.  In addition to your Dolphin(s), please bring the food and drinks of choice for your family.


Bead Lady News

We understand it was really hard to track your times at this past Saturday’s meet. If you missed anything, the Bead Lady will be bringing beads and bells to awards night so that you can get caught up. There were lots of fast swimmers out there!  Meet results are now posted on the team website. Results can be found under the “Results” tab on the home screen.