New Swimmer Information

New Swimmer Registration

For all new swimmers ages 5 and up, including siblings of a returning swimmer or former sibling members wanting to return to the team, registration will take place online.  New swimmer registration will be available in the following order:

Siblings of a returning swimmer AND former sibling swimmers

Sunday, February 14 through Wednesday, February 17

New swimmers who are Arden Park residents

Opens 7:00 a.m. Thursday, February 18 through Friday, February 19, closes at 10:00 p.m.


Open to all new swimmers

Saturday, February 20 - will open at 7:00 a.m.


Registration Steps and Requirements

1.  Visit the Arden Park Dolphins website during your designated registration days.  Click on the red "Start Registration" button to begin new swimmer registration.   

2.  Register online with the AP Dolphins and pay fees by credit card. An active credit card on file is required at the time of registration.  Please complete all required fields.

3.  Email a copy of your swimmer's birth certificate to [email protected] We will need to keep a copy of the birth certificate.

4.  If registering during Arden Park resident priority registration days, please email at least one form of proof of Arden Park residency (cell phone bill, utility bill, lease agreement, tax statements, etc) to [email protected]

5. Participate in the New Swimmer Readiness Assessment and demonstrate the minimum safety requirements have been met (see details below).

Once all of the above has been completed, you will be officially registered with the Arden Park Dolphins swim team and your TeamUnify account will be activated.  If registration is not complete, swimmers will not be able to participate in swim team activities, including swim practice, and the spot will be offered to the next family on the waiting list.   

IMPORTANT: Swimmers will be added to the team on a first-come, first-served basis, as long as there is room in the age group and cohort.  Once the maximum number of swimmers has been reached, a waiting list for that age group or cohort will be maintained.  Please see the "Waiting List" information below for more information regarding the waiting list procedures and priority.


Waiting List and Order of Priority

Over the years, the Arden Park Dolphins Registrar has maintained a waiting list whenever an age group fills to capacity during registration.  Often, those on the waiting list do end up on the swim team before the season officially starts.  However, some will remain on the waiting list for the entire season.  Following is the order of priority in which new swimmers will be added to the team as well as how a waiting list will be maintained for each age and gender group:

  1. Siblings of a returning swimmer who are Arden Park residents,

  2. Siblings of a returning swimmer who are non-Arden Park residents,

  3. New swimmers who are Arden Park residents,

  4. New swimmers who are Non-Arden Park residents.

The waiting list will not carry over to the next season.



If you are interested in registering for an age group that is full, please register your swimmer to the waitlist for the age group.  You will be contacted by email once there is a confirmed spot on the team. Full registration must be completed within 48 hours of being contacted.  Failure to complete full registration within 48 hours of being contacted will forfeit your spot on the team and the next person on the waiting list will be contacted to complete their registration.  If a place on the team is offered and declined, the swimmer will lose his or her place on the team or waiting list, and the open spot will be offered to the next swimmer in line.


Readiness Assessment and Swim Team Requirements

The first priority of the Arden Park Dolphins is the safety of all swimmers, our coaches, and our volunteers.  Because of social distancing requirements at this time, coaches will not be able to be in the water with swimmers.  That means that any swimmer who is not water-safe, cannot swim 25 yards unassisted, or cannot follow on deck instruction will not be able to participate in the program this season.   

All swimmers new to the Arden Park Dolphins, ages 9 and under, will be asked to demonstrate their safety and ability in the pool.  Readiness Assessments will take place later in March at the Arden Park pool.  Sign-ups for the Readiness Assessment will be announced soon.  

Most swimmers who complete the Readiness Assessment and Probationary Period go on to fully participate as a swim team member.

Please be aware that swim team practice is designed to develop and refine swim strokes.  Each swimmer is expected to have a working knowledge of all swim strokes (freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly - 6&U swimmers need only know freestyle and backstroke), and swim practice should not be considered “swim lessons” for the purpose of being introduced to swimming.  Swimmers will be expected to demonstrate independence during practice and the ability to follow the instructions of the coaches.  Swimmers should come prepared to be able to swim at least 5 to 6 laps during the first half-hour of practice.