To complete your registration and ensure your spot, you must:

1. Make sure your Del Norte club account is active. DO NOT proceed with the online registration process if you are not a Del Norte Club member. Your swimmers must be on your Del Norte account. The only exception to this is for high school athletes: those swimmers currently on a high school athletics team who are joining us after their season. For more information on joining Del Norte Club, call 916-483-5111. If your club account is frozen, be sure to activate it on April 1, or March 1 if your swimmers will be particiating in March Clinics.

2. Register online by following this link!  *** DO NOT try to log in to your account first *** your account is not active yet!

3. Turn in $300 volunteer deposit check (one per family made out to Del Norte Swim Team, dated August 1, 2023. Checks will only be cashed in late August if volunteer shifts are not fulfilled)

4. Turn in copy of birth certificates for any swimmer that did not swim during the 2022 season of the Del Norte Dolphins

5. Email receipt for Northern California Swim League registration to [email protected]

PLEASE NOTE: Your registration will be complete when you have received email confirmation from our Registrar that the online portion of your registration has been processed, you have turned in all your documents and volunteer deposit check; and your online account has been made active. Swimmers cannot enter the water until ALL steps have been completed.