Welcome to the 2020 Del Norte Dolphins swim season

#FlippersUp! We're so glad you're here. It's time for another incredible swim season with the Del Norte Dolphins!

Registration is NOW OPEN for one and all!

  Registration fees and payment information:  

  • $200 for 1st swimmer
  • $180 for 2nd swimmer
  • $160 for 3+ swimmers
  • $125 for High School Swimmer (no sibling discounts or late fees) - swimmer who is currently swimming for their high school swim team.
  • Late fee:
    • ​After March 2, add $30 per swimmer
    • After April 1, add $40 per swimmer
  • $15 per swimmer non-refundable fee paid to Northern California Swim League. Registration with NCSL is required for a swimmer to participate in all swim meets.

Team fees are charged to your Del Norte account. In the event that you want to make payment another way (ie: check, cash, or credit card) you may do so at the Del Norte Club Office by the 24th of the month that you registered. Otherwise, your team fees will be paid with your monthly dues. No exceptions.

  Registration Notes:  

Del Norte Club membership required: All swimmers must be members of Del Norte Club for the duration of the swim season. The only exception to this is for high school swimmers: those swimmers currently on their high school swim team who are joining us after their season. For more information on joining Del Norte Club, call 916-483-5111

IMPORTANT: Del Norte Club memberships must be current before proceeding with our online registration process.

Parent Commitment: Running a successful swim team requires parent commitment. This commitment provides tremendous support for your child(ren) and gives them a fulfilling swim team experience! Information about fulfilling this commitment and more about these policies can be found here. Note that volunteer requirements have changed for the 2020 season for all famlies, so please read and be aware of these requirements before proceeding!

Questions: Please contact Registrar Kristin Ferguson at registrardnst@gmail.com

   Proceed with registration by clicking here