Team Vision

The goal of the Del Norte Dolphins is to offer a quality competitive, recreational swimming program that allows swimmers, parents, volunteers, and coaches to experience growth and development through the sport of swimming in a positive and inclusive environment.

Team Mission

1. Provide a safe and positive environment for swimmers to learn the sport of competitive swimming.

2. Create a culture where anyone, regardless of age or ability, feels like they are a valuable and contributing member of the team.

3. Build a program that is a family first.

4. Develop a team consisting of athletes, parents, officials and coaches that are respected throughout the local swimming and general communities.

5. Prepare our athlete to move to the next level of swimming, should they want to pursue that option.

6. Expose our swimmers to the lifelong benefits that swimming offers.

Our Core Values (#FlippersUp)

Respect – towards our swimmers, parents, coaches, club members, our competitors and officials.

Commitment – to the goals we set both in and out of the water.

Growth – We will take the steps necessary to grow both personally and as a team.

Inclusion – We will strive to make sure that every swimmer who enters our program feels safe, comfortable and a valuable asset to the Dolphin program.

Leadership – develop individuals that are leaders in every aspect of their lives.

Sportsmanship – win or lose we congratulate our competition, cheer for our teammates and friends and maintain a positive attitude.

Sponsors & Partners