Our Facility

Del Norte Dolphin home meets are held at the beautiful Del Norte Club featuring fitness, swimming, and tennis facilities with a country club like setting and a welcoming family atmosphere. We do have a spa, children's pool, and an additional indoor pool that are off limits at all times to all participants in the swim meet. This will be strictly enforced.

We feature a 5 lane pool and score the first 2 heats as if it was a 10 lane pool. We alternate who gets the odd lane by heat. We typically hold 2 heats in all individual events and add heats for the short events to accommodate additional swimmers. The 100 IM and 100 Freestyle events are limited to 2 heats only. We only run a single heat for all relays to accommodate two relays from each team. 

Del Norte Dolphins check-in done by 7 am. Del Norte Dolphins warm up 7:15- 7:45. Visiting team warm up from 7:45-8:15. We start the meet at 8:30 sharp! Even though our pool is only 5 lanes, we take great pride in running a fast and efficient meet!

We have a large open grass area with designated team areas so swimmers can sit with their teammates. Below is a picture showing the rough boundaries of the home team area and visiting team area.


Parking is available across from Arcade Church south of Del Norte Club which is near the corner of Becerra Way and Marconi. 
Please Note: If you park on a neighborhood street, please check for NO PARKING signs. You will be ticketed or towed.  

Snack Bar

During the meet, we host a snack bar which includes a pancake & sausage breakfast and breakfast burritos in the morning, and BBQ lunch items starting around 10:30. Yummy!!

Volunteer Positions Needed

Mandatory Needs;

7 timers first shift

8 timers second shift.

2 stroke & turn judges each shift.

We Also recommend;

1 alternate timer per shift.

Ribbon helpers each shift.

Meet Contacts




Del Norte Dolphins President

Kelley Neves


Del Norte Head Coaches

Coach Greg & Coach Janine



Del Norte Computer

Del Norte League Rep

Mike Zezzo


Del Norte Parent Jobs Coordinator

Chris Horel

3040 Becerra Way
Sacramento, CA 95821