USA Swimming has rolled out a new platform for doing on-line registration for your USAS Membership. This page will be used to communicate information as we get it about this new process.

Instructions for 2023 Registering with USA Swimming

Member Registration

Where do DNA swimmers go to register with USAS?

You can access the link by clicking on the USAS Registration main menu or use this link here:

What is the first step to doing the USAS registration?

You need to create the parent account, Most of you are NOT an existing USAS member (Coach, Board Member, Chaperone, or Official) so you will not have an existing membership, so just create the account first. If you get to a step that asks for a Member ID you have take a wrong path.  Once you have created your parent account, logout.

What is the second step to register my swimmers?

Use the link to access the registration page again, login with the account that you just created.

As the parent login you will use the option "Membership is for someone other than the logged in user"

If your swimmer is new to USAS then you answer the question of "Has this person ever had a USA Swimming Membership" as NO

If your swimmer has been on a USAS team before (that could have been DNA or any other USAS team) then select the option as Yes and search for your swimmer. If you cannot find your swimmer, then go back and change the answer to No and process as a new member.

From here you select the swimmer and continue on.

I am going back to the registration link and all that is happening is it is directing me to the login page over and over.

When this happens you can resolve it by making sure you are not logged in after creating your account and then clear your cache or use a private browser to access the registration link again

I created the account and I am not being redirected to the DNA registration

Please logout and access the registration link directly again and login again.

Still need help? Refer to the following resources:

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How to create an Account for Existing Members - VIDEO

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Does every athlete need to create their own individual USA Swimming account?

No, parents can create a single USA Swimming account and link all athlete members aged 17 or under to their login. The parent will need each athlete’s member ID, which they can look-up in the SWIMS 3.0 platform. All athletes aged 18 or older will need their own USA Swimming account linked to their member record to complete the Athlete Protection Training (APT) requirement for adult athletes.

If an athlete ages-up to 18 during the season, do they need to create their own USA Swimming account?

Yes, the athlete will need to create their own USA Swimming account before they turn 18. They must also complete Athlete Protection Training (APT) before their 18th birthday. USA Swimming will share additional information on how this process will work for athletes who are initially attached to a parent account at younger ages. 

What Membership Should I be selecting?

Flex Athlete - This membership is limited to 12 & Under athletes and will limit a swimmer to 2 sanctioned meets in the season. This membership can be upgraded later in the season if the swimmer will participate in more than 2 meets.

Individual Season Athlete - Individual athlete membership in USA Swimming for a period of 150 days commencing on the date of registration.

Do only Athletes need to register with USAS?

No, all Coaches, Officials, Board Members, and Chaperones must be non-athlete members. This same platform is used for all those types of membership, so if you are any of those roles you must also do the non-athlete membership as well.