Meet Guide


The Coaches are planning on ALL swimmers swimming ALL meets. IF your swimmer is NOT swimming a particular meet they MUST declare Commitment (Decline) for each swim meet the Thursday 10 days prior to that meet. Click here to access the Team Events page. Search for Swim Meets under the Event Category, all swim meets will be listed, click on the swim meet you would like to sign out for. Click here for directions to edit your commitment.

A list of meet events and seeding will be posted near the swim team bulletin board prior to the swim meet.  Boys and girls compete separately in the following age groups (age as of June 15):
6 & Under

A swimmer may participate in a relay (see information below) or the following individual events:
Individual Medley (IM) – 1 lap of each stroke

The 6 & Under age group ONLY swims freestyle and backstroke. Only the 9-10 and older age groups swim the Individual Medley. Please see the Event Order page to see the list of events for a dual meet.  


Here is a suggested list of items to bring to a swim meet:
Swim Suit!!
Cap and goggles
Warm clothes for chilly mornings
Hat and sunscreen
Sleeping bag, blanket and/or ground cover
Tent (or make a new friend and share)
Folding chairs
Food and drinks (or bring $ for snack bar)
Cards, books or games
Smile on your face (you are going to have fun!)
Don’t forget to label all your belongings – you won’t believe how often your child will lose his/her cap during the day!


1) Please check in all swimmers in person. Away and home meets by 7:00 AM; Please listen for the appropriate age-group warm-ups. At home meets, Del Norte will warm-up before the visiting team between 7:15 - 7:45 am; Away meets 7:45 - 8:15 am. **In the event of only an emergency on a meet day (ran out of gas, flat tire, etc OR woke up sick and can't come), please text the check in person (Dina) ASAP at (916) 801-3442. She can get the info to the coaches immediately and the meet will go on.

2) After swimmers are checked at the check in table, swimmers should locate and check in with their Age Group Parent.

3) Parents must check-in with the Parent Jobs Coordinator. If you do not have a job, please be prepared to volunteer. Please listen to announcements and be on time when your shift starts.

Note: If a swimmer does not check-in, they will be scratched and NOT be allowed to swim in the meet!


The relays are a fun part of a swim meet, but are very chaotic! The medley (mixed free relay for 6&Us) relays are at the very beginning and the free relays are at the end of the meet. If your child is on a relay, it is very important that he/she is in the right place at the right time. Get to know the ready bench parents because they work hard at every meet to get you children to the blocks and organize swimmers for the relays. 

Relay teams are composed of four swimmers each. The relay teams will be posted near the swim team bulletin board a day or so before the meet. Relay team assignments can change at the last minute.

Each swimmer in the 6&U, 7/8 and 9/10 age groups only swims one lap (25 yards), so the relay members need to be at both ends of the pool. If your child is a relay, the #1 and the #3 swimmers should be at the starting blocks and in the correct lane. The #2 and #4 swimmers are at the other end of the pool. Please help get your children to the ready bench area/parent and the ready bench parents will organize the swimmers. Please do not take them directly to the blocks.

Relay members in older age groups swim 2 laps (50 yards), so all swimmers meet at the starting blocks.
The first event of the meet is the 6&U mixed (boys and girls) free relay.  
The order of the medley relay is:
#1 Backstroke
#2 Breaststroke
#3 Butterfly
#4 Freestyle

Relay Organization PDF Click HERE


After warm-ups, find your child’s Age Group Parent for “mark-ups.” That person will mark the following information (in this order) on your child:
Event # - Heat # - Lane #

Swimmers and parents should listen for announcements telling which event number should report to the ready bench. When your child’s event number is called, they should locate their Age Group Parent, who will escort them to the ready bench area. Age Group Parents are not responsible for locating swimmers  – you will need to take your child to the ready bench when their event number is called.   

At the Ready Bench, your child will be checked in by the Clerk of the Course and seated in the appropriate spot on the benches. He/she will “move up” on the benches until directed to walk to the starting blocks. (Ready Bench Parents should help the younger swimmers to the starting blocks).

At the starting blocks, the Starter will direct your child to “step up on the blocks,” “take your mark” and “beep” the race will begin!

At the end of the race to show good sportsmanship, Del Norte swimmers should shake hands with the swimmers closest to them. Then, they should quickly exit the pool.


Swimmers are given ribbons for each event (except for DQs) based on their finish in their heat. These ribbons are placed in their family folder in the appropriate swim box.

A DQ (disqualification) occurs when a swimmer has a false start or uses an illegal stroke or turn technique. Each of the four strokes has rules regarding the proper technique for a stroke, which includes the start, the stroke, turns and the final touch. Stroke and Turn Judges are positioned on the pool deck to determine compliance with the NorCal Swim League rules.