Parent Responsibilities

  1. The Del Norte Dolphins is a competitive swim team. Swim team practice is not to be used as swim lessons or babysitting.
  2. All swimmers are expected to compete in meets and championships. Del Norte Club offers private swim lessons for those desiring such services. All swimmers must attend at least two league meets and swim at least two events at each of those meets (not including relays).
  3. Sign your child “in” or “out” for each meet of the season. The deadline to sign “in” or “out” for each meet is the Monday before a Saturday meet.
  4. If a swimmer is not signed out of a meet and does not attend a meet, he/she will not be able to swim in the next meet.
  5. Get your children to practice and meets on time. They MUST be present and checked in to each meet by 7:00 am. After 7:30, they will be scratched from the meet. Checking in via text message to the meet sign-in person will NOT be accepted. Texting the meet check-in person should be used for emergencies ONLY.
  6. Set an example of good sportsmanship through positive, encouraging behavior. Help your child focus on good sportsmanship as well as achieving their personal best, as opposed to just winning.
  7. Ensure your swimmer is well rested, hydrated, and properly nourished for meets and practices.
  8. Communicate constructively with coaches, swimmers and other parents.
  9. Talk to coaches outside of practice hours, as practice hours are exclusively for coaching your children.
  10. Do not attempt to dictate coaches meet decisions, indivitual entries, or strategies.
  11. It is the parent’s responsibility to make sure children are ready to swim their assigned events. Team Parents are to assist younger children (12 and under); however, it is not their responsibility to find your children.
  12. Sign up for and fulfill the required number of volunteer shifts as detailed in the “Parent Volunteer Requirement” section below.
  13. Maintain the Del Norte Dolphins Code of Conduct pledge at all times.
  14. Help achieve and maintain the Del Norte Dolphins Core Values.