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Please read all info. 

Big 5 is graciously allowing us the opportunity to try on and order our team suits.

This allows flexibility to try suits on at the store at your convenience vs. at the pool during one practice session.  Please be respectful to all staff and thankful for this opportunity.


Where—        Big 5 Sporting Goods Store at 6608 Laguna Blvd, Elk Grove, Ca, 95758.

When—         Beginning Monday, March 13thPlease note the store will be closed on Sunday, April 9th.


  1. Try on suit for size beginning Monday, March 13th.
  2. Order and pay for the suit(s) by April 2nd for the first order or by April 23rd for the second order.  Pay at the store.  Best to order and pay after trying on the suits.
  3. Orders will be placed by Big 5 on April 3rd and April 24th.
  4. Big 5 will call you when the suit(s) arrive at the store and are ready to pick up.    Please allow 2-3 weeks for the orders to be received by Big 5.               


Please note—We have two suits for the boys to choose from and two styles for the older girls and two for the younger girls.  Best to order early.  There are youth and adult sizes in the female suits.

Pictures of this year’s suit options are shown.  Info will also be on the website under Team Suits. 

The suits are part of our team’s uniform.  They are to be worn at all swim meets and team pictures.  Everyone is encouraged to get one so we look more uniform as a team. They are not to be used for practices.  Practice suits are any one-piece suit that stays on when diving.  Board shorts are not recommended for practice as they impede the proper stroke technique.

Big 5 coupons cannot be used on the purchase of the team suits.  Team suits are discounted already.


Swim Suit Sizing Guidelines

  • Meet suits need to be tight fitting. If suit is loose or baggy anywhere it is too big. You should not be able to pinch any loose material while the suit is on.
  • Jammers need to be above the knees, low to mid-thigh and tight. Suits cannot be below knees.  Girl’s suits—the straps should stretch to the bottom of the earlobe, no higher.
  • Body parts should remain covered when moving arms on backstroke or touching toes. There will be a little rise on the bottom, but when the suit is wet it will cover and fit. The suit may feel tight and uncomfortable at first, that is ok if the above guidelines are met. They do loosen up a bit in the water.
  • Meet suits are to be worn for picture day and meets only.
  • Practice suits are okay to be loose.


TYR GIRLS FIZZY Diamondfit Blue $59.99           




TYR MENS / BOYS FIZZY Jammer BLUE $39.99