FEC Stingray's Boosters

FEC Rec & Park District
2201 Cottage Way
Sacramento, CA 95825



It takes a lot of people to run a swim or synchro meet - we need your help! Please see either "For Parents" Swim or Synchro sub menus for descriptions of the volunteer jobs available. To sign up for these jobs, or to look up what jobs you have already signed up for, check the appropriate event, under Meets/Events.

Please note that we still require that each family provide us with a $200 volunteer deposit check even if you have signed up for your volunteer positions already. We will not cash the check if you fulfill your required shifts

Some jobs require a commitment for the entire season - these are listed under "For Parents" and Meets/Events - Team Parents, committee chairmen, etc., fall under this category. Please read the job descriptions or speak to one of our Volunteer Coordinators if you have questions.