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We cannot operate the meets and championships without the help of many volunteers! 

The following are descriptions of most of the volunteer jobs available on the swim team. We cannot run a meet without the help of many, many volunteers. There are many jobs which do not require any previous experience or knowledge.  Anyone can do them. Each swim family is required to work 8 shifts during the regular season, plus 2 shifts at Championships, totalling 10 shifts. 

Some jobs are worth more than a single shift.  If hours are listed for something (Ice Social or Spaghetti Feed/Swim-a-lap), that equates to 1 shift.  We need chairs for fundraising committees and Team Parents for the various age groups, and some of these are worth your entire season's volunteer commitment. Please go to each Meet/Event to sign up for these opportunities.  Team Parents are required to be at every meet, including Championships.

Each meet is divided into 2 shifts. Shifts are divided by stroke. The first shift works through the medley relays, individual medley, short freestyle and backstroke. Second shift workers will work the long freestyle, breaststroke, butterfly and the free relays. On the sign-up pages, the first set of blanks are for 1st shift, second set for 2nd shift - no times are listed, as it would just be a guess. Please be sure to sign up for the required 8 shifts. Our  Swim volunteer tracking system is now able to count shifts (as "points"), but it still shows start and finish times - please disregard what's listed, as it is only approximate.

All volunteers must check-in before the meet begins, both AM and PM shifts.  Check-in begins at 6:45am (except for set-up volunteers who need to be at the pool no later than 6:30am).  If you have not checked in by 7:30am, your shift will be given away to another available volunteer.  So, please don't be late and be sure to attend appropriate Timer and Stroke & Turn meetings, as they apply.

It's the parents who help make the meets run.  Without you, things just would not be the same or be a successful swim meet. Thank you! 









To sign up:

  • Click on the specific Meet/Event 
  • Team Parents and Committee Chairs are listed as an Event, even though they are season long
  • Click on 'job signup' and follow the online directions to choose a shift for which jobs you would like to sign up 
  • Repeat for each meet/event you would like to sign up for

How to see all of your shifts you've signed up for:

To check your credited hours, go to My Account, $My Invoice/Payment, and click on the tab with Service Hours

Swim Meet Schedule:

Volunteer sign-ups are still pending for the 2022 season.

May 14: Time Trials
May 21: FEC @ Woodcreek Seawolves (Afternoon Meet)
June 4: Sunrise @ FEC
June 11: FEC @ Fair Oaks
June 18: Rollingwood @ FEC
June 25: Dixon @ FEC
July 9: Arden Park @ FEC
July 16: BYE 
July 23-24: Champs - Folsom

Other Events: 

June 22:  Spaghetti Feed/Splash-for-Cash

Season Volunteer Positions

Team Parents - Every meet and champs

Ice Cream Social (April 2022) and Spaghetti Feed (June) sign-ups for everyone initially.  Both events are Swim/Synchro joint events. 



As soon as you arrive at each meet, check in (including for afternoon shifts) with the volunteer coordinator. Make sure you get credit for working your shift and meeting your volunteer obligation.

There are other jobs available besides the ones listed below, such as chairing a committee for a specific event or working on such a committee, etc. 

Remember, if you are unable to work your shift, YOU are responsible for finding a replacement to work for you and notifiying the Volunteer Coordinator of this change!

Swim Meet Job Descriptions:


This person will be shuffling paperwork all day. Assembling and stapling programs in the morning, sorting through DQ slips, posting results, etc., throughout the meet. Helping the head computer person to keep the meet running smoothly.  Requires training. 


The deck & lane runner collects disqualification sheets (DQ's) from the stroke & turn judges and delivers them to the meet referee and each of the lane slip writers' compiled sheets and delivers them to the computer table.


The wireless Dolphin Timing System is the timing system for our meets. This person will operate the Dolphin computer during the meets, as well as setting up the system and putting it all away at the end of the day. Requires training. 


The hospitality workers pass out refreshments to all volunteers during their shifts, including timers, lane slip writers, ready bench workers, runners, judges, lifeguards, computer workers and coaches.  This job includes prepping of food and drink prior to the meet starting.   


Managing the mailboxes is a full season job.  At the beginning of the season (April), the mailboxes need revamping of labels with current swimmers (one folder per family).  The mailbox person is responsible for making sure any fliers are stuffed in the folders for distribution in a timely fashion.  Each evening the the mailboxes are to be placed out at beginning of practice (by 5:30pm) and pulled back in at the end of practice.  Once morning practices begin in June, coordination to have mailboxes placed out and pulled back in is also the responsibility of this position.  Mailboxes also need transportation to and from away meets.  This is the responsibility of the mailbox coordinator.  Please know that ribbon writing does not generally end when the meet ends and continues until all ribbons are filled in the mailboxes.  Mailbox Coordinator is a permanent job for the entire season counting as all of the season volunteer hours (Champs shifts still needed) required for that family.   


The meet announcer reads off the event, swimmer name, and lane assignment while the swimmers are in the water. He/she may also make other announcements during the meet, as necessary.


Clean up crew is needed for the final shift of the day. Everything that was set up in the morning needs to be put away at the end of the meet.  This includes items that need to make their way back home to FEC after away meets.  With the help of parent volunteers, the meet breakdown coordinator ensures that each home meet is cleaned and packed up in a timely fashion so that Cottage Pool may open to public swim following a meet.  In the event of an away meet, this person coordinates the parent volunteers to clean, pack things up, and make sure the swim team property makes it back to Cottage Pool. The Meet Breakdown Coordinator is a permanent job for the ENTIRE SEASON, counting as all of the volunteer hours (Champs shifts still needed) required for that family. 


Ready bench volunteers make sure that the swimmers are lined up in the correct order for their heat and lane assignments. One ready bench worker should escort the swimmers to the deck and point out which lane the swimmers are swimming in. This is especially important for the younger swimmers. 


Ribbon writers place the computer generated award labels on the appropriately colored ribbons, and file them in the swimmers' mailboxes accordingly.


The set-up crew arrives early and is essentially finished by the time most 1st shift volunteers are starting. There are many shade structures to be set up, as well as tables and chairs for the snack bar, computer, hospitality and timing areas. 


We host a snack bar at each of our home meets. Snack bar workers are responsible for cooking and serving food. They also act as the cashier for the snack bar. They do most of the set up and clean up, but others are encouraged to help.


The starter starts the race. He/she makes sure that the swimmers are aware of what stroke and distance they are swimming. When the starter determines that all timers and computer people are ready, he/she will then start the race. This job also requires training.


The stroke & turn judge requires special training. The judge ensures that all swimmers are doing their stroke legally. There are certain criteria that must be met for every stroke, and each stroke has a specific turn and touch. There are 4 stroke and turn judges at every meet, 2 from each team. The meet referee reviews each of the judges' DQ's to ensure that the judge documented the infraction correctly. Download official Technical Rules for Stroke & Turn


The team parent coordinator recruits and coordinates volunteer team parents. They work as a liaison with the team parents and coaches, updating team parents on results of scratch session and any behavior issues. Team Parent Coordinators is a permanent job for the ENTIRE SEASON, counting as all of your volunteers hours. You MUST be available at both home, away meets, and Champs.


The team parents supervise each age/sex group of swimmers, making sure they get to the ready bench on time for their various events during the meet. There should be at least one, preferably two, team parents for each group of swimmers. Groups are: 6 & Unders, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14 and 15-18, with each divided by sex as well. The Team Parent is a permanent job for the ENTIRE SEASON, counting as all of the volunteer hours required for that family. 


The timer's job is to press the timing button at the end of each race. There are 3 timers in each lane. One person per lane will have a manual stopwatch as well.  Our team uses the wireless Dolphin Timing System that requires some basic training during the timer meeting prior to the meet starting.  Other teams may still use the Colorado Timing System.  Please attend all timer meetings. 

Season Jobs (See Volunteer Sign-ups for complete list.):


The equipment that FEC brings to Champs varies each year but know that we do have many popups used around the pool for ready bench, the blocks, timers and coaches areas, and for the scorekeepers.  We also bring our popups for the team area.  The coordinator for this position needs to be available on the Friday of the champs weekend and Sunday evening of champs for cleanup.  This job takes care of half of your 8 shifts (4 total) for the season and both shifts for champs.  Part of this job is to lead the volunteers for setup, cleanup, and delivery of items to and from Cottage Pool.  It takes a little bit of planning in the weeks ahead of champs too.    


Ribbons are awarded for each place for each heat during the regular swim season at home meets (no ribbons are awarded for Time Trials or DQs).  Prior to the season beginning, the Ribbon Inventory Coordinator needs to count all ribbons and record the totals for each place (1-6).  As the season progresses, maintenance and organization of the drawers containing the ribbons is needed.  After the last home meet before the end of the season, remaining unused inventory need to be counted and consolidated in the drawers.  The final count needs to be submitted to the booster president and league rep.  Ribbons are ordered by the team's league rep in the Fall during the off season.  


The sponsorship chair works with the fundraising coordinator to raise funds under the FEC Stingray's Boosters sponsorship program.  This process generally occurs before the season begins (January-April).  The goal of the chairperson is to meet the budgeted goal of sponsors by May 1st.  Those sponsors are included on the sponsorship banner displayed at Cottage Pool by the Ice Cream Social event.  The chairperson is also responsible for writing/updating the annual sponsor letter, sponsor form, sending thank you's, providing t-shirt sizes for sponsors to the fundraising coordinator, and ordering the sponsor plaques.  


The website registrar adds and updates all families and swimmers (swim team and synchro) to the TeamUnify website for the FEC Stingrays.  For new families and swimmers, an account is created for the first time along with swimmer IDs (swim team only) that follow each swimmer throughout their swim career.  For new and returning families, the registrar updates accounts online providing access to the site for each family and ensures that they are included in the email distribution for team communications.  Coordination and verification of the volunteer agreement/check and reconciliation with the FEC Park and Recreation registered swimmer list is included in this job.  This job continues during the regular season to offer assistance to those needing help accessing the website. Website registrar provides all season volunteers hours (does not include champs shifts).  Requires training.


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