FEC Stingray's Boosters

FEC Rec & Park District
2201 Cottage Way
Sacramento, CA 95825


Parent Volunteer Requirements

You will need to volunteer for 10 shifts per family (8/season, 2 @ champs) over the synchro season.

  • 8 shifts at Synchro Meets

  • 2 shifts at Championships.

  • or become a Coordinator to meet ALL your volunteer requirements.


Meet Volunteer Positions

JUDGE: 9 judges and 1 referee are required to run each synchro meet.  They judge swimmers performing individual figures and routines.  No experience necessary, but attending the Judges Clinic is mandatory.  WE ALWAYS NEED MORE JUDGES! WE NEED YOU! NOTE: Each individual judge must complete a minimum of 8 shifts judging.

PROMPTER:  Organizes the swimmers according to the swim meet roster and instructs swimmers when to go.

READER: Identifies the swimmer’s meet #, directs swimmer to perform the designated figure, prompts judges to show their score, reads the score to the recorder.

RECORDER: Records scores on the score sheet.

RUNNER: Delivers score sheets to computer room.

COMPUTER WORKER: Inputs scores into league computer, prints team winners and delivers to ribbon table.

RIBBON TABLE WORKER: Labels ribbons for winners according to categories for team.

ANNOUNCER: Announce the events during the competition and the winners at the end of the meet.

Coordinator Positions (Below positions meet all parent volunteer requirements)

Costume Library: Organize costumes (suits) which are located in cupboards on pool deck. Assist coaches with purchasing new costumes, make repairs and help with fittings. Help with bead work and head pieces. Check suits in and out and collect costume.

Snack Bar Coordinator: Oversee, coordinate set up & clean up of snack bar for all home meets; obtain bank of money for register; shop for snack bar and organize volunteers. Organize Aquacade dinner in cooperation with Aquacade Coordinator.

Photo Coordinator and Year Book: Take photos and/or coordinate with parent photographers. Update synchro photo bulletin board at pool (Near women's restroom); Manages FECs shutterfly and/or photo bucket accounts with pictures. Organize pictures and create a yearbook which would be made available to parents to purchase. Help organizes a yearbook gathering after the season.

Judge/Referee Coordinator: Coordinate judges for meets and champs; referees; trains judges; coordinates judges clinic.(Note: Each individual judge must complete a minimum of 8 shifts judging)

Computer Coordinator: Oversee the input of scores into league computer, result print outs, and delivery of results at all meets and champs.

Ribbon Coordinator/End of Season Trophy Orders:
Get ribbons from district office staff. (Provide lollipops for MOC
K MEET - 1st 2nd 3rd and participants) During meets collect label print outs and apply to ribbons; organize ribbons and volunteers for awards at all meets; assist head coach with ordering trophies for awards night; pass out ballots for Ruthann Jenson/Kristin Jones awards. (See parent handbook for more description of these awards). Sammie Lynne Cervantes Award - Given to a synchro parent volunteer who is inspiring, encouraging, and who makes a lasting impression. Every year that this award is given away a donation will be made by the FEC Boosters to the Cancer Foundation in the recipient's name. Coordinated with Synchro Board. (This award does not have to be given every year)

Spaghetti Feed Coordinator  Coordinate the event. Oversee set up/clean up, organize volunteer parents for cooking sauce and pasta, organize volunteers the day of event, purchase supplies and food needed, and have bank of money for register. (Quantities of food and supplies on file).

Social Events Coordinator:

     Ice cream Social: Contact donors for ice cream donations. 15 gallons with cups, spoons, napkins and chocolate syrup; buy drinks, whip cream, nuts, sprinkles and other toppings or items needed; acquire ice cream scoopers; set up/clean up of event; request bank from Stingray boosters for register. Coordinate with Swim on number of volunteers needed.

     Fourth of July Parade (OPTIONAL): Shared event with swim team. Email info about location and time of parade; provide decorations for float and posters if needed; purchase candy to pass out at parade; hand out synchro costumes for parade and returnthem to costume library after parade.

     Spirit Picnic: This event is a held before champs. Advertise and coordinate Spirit activities to prepare for Champs. Purchase (or ask for donation) art supplies to decorate signs and t-shirts (Swimmers provide t-shirts) Set up/clean up event; send out emails; purchase art supplies for T-shirts & posters; set up Knox gelling demonstration.

Aquacade Coordinator: Oversee all aspects of event that will include: set-up/clean-up; solicitation/prep of Silent Auction/Drawing prizes; request bank from Stingray Boosters for sales; purchasing of raffle ticket rolls/food/etc.; create/print program (discuss routine line up with head coach), print/sell tickets; and placement of volunteers who sign-up through Team Unify. Dinner: Set up/clean up of serving area; purchasing; print/sell tickets (if needed for food); work entrance door. Coordinate advance ticket sales, coordinate volunteers and sign-ups sheets.

Merchandise and Championship Booth Coordinator: Coordinate fundraisers or selling of merchandise. (Examples: car wash; raffle at home meets; assist Swim-a lap coordinator to get the Synchro division; selling of t-shirts, license plates -synch or swim)Discuss with VP and members items to be sold at champs before VFCAL deadline; contact parents to help create or purchase items to be sold; find a vendor to purchase items; Oversee set up/clean up booth at champs; request bank from Stingray Boosters for cash register.Sell Champ Ads (This is the brochure for Champs) -Distribute information to parents prior to event and collect fees.