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The philosophy and goal of the Fulton-El Camino Recreation and Park District, its coaches, the Valley Foothill Competitive Aquatic League, and the Northern California Swim League is to promote the finest recreational aquatic programs with an enjoyable spectator and participant experience for all. We are guided by the following goal: “within the parameters of the League, an individual is encouraged to grow to his/her full potential.”

In addition, we are guided by the following Northern California Swim League objectives:

  • To be basically recreational in nature and to promote good sportsmanship, physical fitness and team spirit.

  • To promote the participation during the course of the swim season of all swimmers, regardless of swimming proficiency, thereby enabling the maximum number of swimmers to enjoy a well rounded, recreational program.

  • To recognize the need for and seek to maintain to the maximum extent possible, competitive parity among the teams participating in the League.

If we have done our job as a department in achieving our goals, what will be remembered by the participants will not be the number of first place finishes. It is our goal that participants will look back and remember the fun they had at practices and meets, the special friends they made, the excitement of the meets and competition, and the successes and disappointments that were shared with fellow teammates, coaches and parents.


In an effort to abide by the Stingray Philosophy, ALL Swimmers and Guardians will have signed (upon program registration) and are expected to follow the FEC Stingray Code of Conduct. If at any time a participant does not adhere to the code, corrective steps will be set, as it pertains to the severity of action. If violations are continuously disruptive to the quality of the Stingray program, is harmful to another person, or destructive to FEC property; swimmer risks expulsion from team without monetary refund.

If Adult (guardian or their guests) behavior is disruptive to program at any point during practices or meets, hosting pool representative may ask them to leave premises. Representative includes FEC Staff, Meet Official, Booster Board member, etc. If behavior is anticipated to become physically violent, they are requested to call 911. Guardians or their guests violating the behavior policy may warrant permanent expulsion from ALL Stingray activities, with the possibility of expelling their swimmer from the team without monetary refund.



  • Listen and follow the directions of FEC staff members (including Lifeguards and Coaches), Stingray Booster members, Team Parents and Host Officials.
  • Talking back or profanity is not acceptable behavior at any time.
  • Refrain from showing public displays of affection
  • Keep your hands and feet to yourself.
  • Equipment is for proper intended use only (i.e. kickboards, pull-buoys, lane-lines, sound system, 
  • Be dressed, ready and in designated area when swim practice begins.
  • Help with set up and take down of the practice and meet equipment whenever possible.
  • Notify a coach as soon as possible if you will miss or arrive late to a meet. If an early dismissal 
from practice is needed, notify the coach at the beginning of practice.

GENERAL POOL RULES (see LG or display board at pool entrance for full list):

  • Listen and follow the directions of FEC staff members, including Lifeguards and Coaches.
  • The pool phone is available for emergencies only.
  • Talking back or profanity is not acceptable behavior at any time.
  • Walking only in pool enclosure.
  • Do not climb on railings.
  • Do not play on the wooden deck around the oak tree.
  • Rollerblades, skateboards, bicycles, balls, toys and pets are not to be used in or around the pool.
  • Diving is only permitted in designated areas. No diving in the shallow water!
  • The ladders and steps of the pool are for entering and exiting only!
  • Dunking, chicken fights, wrestling, and other rough play, is not permitted in or around the pool.
  • The pool office, shed, and garage storage areas are off limits at all times to swimmers.
  • One person at a time in the shower. Turn off shower when you are done.
  • Do not intentionally plug up the toilets.
  • No water fights in the bathroom or in pool enclosure.
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