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Please be sure your swimmer is registered with NorCal Swim League or they will not be eligible to swim at any meets.


Swim Meets-What to Expect

Coaches will determine who swims which events at meets, according to individual goals, abilities and what’s best for the team. Every swimmer is expected to come and swim (and cheer) at every meet. Everyone has a place on the team and is important to our success, and we hope that every swimmer will be able to make every meet.

If your swimmer is unable to attend any given meet, please sign out of that meet as soon as possible. If it is a last minute change of plans, or illness, etc., email Jason at [email protected]. If a swimmer does not show up to a meet without letting the coaches know ahead of time, it often necessitates changing the entire meet sheet prior to the start of the meet. This is not fair to the other swimmers on either team, and we run the risk of delaying the start of the meet. Should a swimmer not show up without notifying the coach, that swimmer will not swim in the next meet. Please contact Jason in case of an emergency. We would prefer to know ahead of time, rather than 15 minutes before the meet starts. Check-in time for home meets is 6:45AM, and 7:15AM for away meets. Please be sure to check in as soon as you walk in the gate, so the coaches will know you’re there. After checking in with the coaches, please check in with your team parents.

Warm-ups are mandatory. They are a vital component to each swimmers safety while in the water. Please be prepared to enter the water no later than 6:55AM for home meets. Warm-ups for away meets will begin at 7:45AM.

During the meet, swimmers should stay in their team area and obey their team parents. Each age group will have its own team parent(s). They are in charge of rounding up swimmers to get them to the blocks on time for each event, so give them a break and stick around.

Good sportsmanship is good team spirit. Cheer on fellow teammates. Don’t forget to let other swimmers know that they had a good swim. Have fun at the meets and do your best!


(Download rules for Dual Meets above)


Q: "How do I sign up for the meet?" A: All swimmers are automatically signed up for all meets. If you will not be able to attend a given meet, you will need to ‘declare’ on our website. Go to Meets/Events, and click on the ‘commitment’ button next to the meet you will miss. Find your swimmer’s name under ‘member name.’ If there is more than one swimmer in your family, they should all be listed here. You will have to ‘uncommit’ each swimmer individually. Click on the swimmer’s name and you will be taken to a drop-down menu - select “No thanks, will not attend this event.”
There is a notes field below this. If your swimmer will only miss PART of a meet, due to Little League or some other commitment, please select ‘Yes, WILL attend,’ but then add an explanation in the notes field as to what time they will be arriving, or will have to leave by. For example: “need to leave at noon” or “will arrive at 11AM.”
If you do not have internet access, please let Jason know (preferably in writing) which meet(s) your swimmer will be unable to attend.
Q: “How do we know what and when we swim?" A: We try to post the tentative events by Thursday evening on the windows behind the bleachers. These are always subject to change, however, because sometimes we end up having to shift kids into other events to make up for swimmers who are unable to come at the last minute. (This is why it’s so important to let us know a week ahead of time if you’re unable to make a meet)
In any case, your child’s team parent will receive a list of events for each swimmer on Saturday morning, after our scratch session. This will tell them who swims in which event, heat & lane. The team parents will mark this information on the swimmers’ hands, and will help them get to the ready bench in time for each event.
Q:  “What time should we arrive at the meet?” A: Please arrive at 6:45AM for home meets, and 7:15AM for away meets. REMEMBER TO CHECK IN with a coach immediately upon arriving at the pool! We start warm-ups at 7:00AM at home meets, so all swimmers should be in their suits and ready to enter the pool by 6:55. The older swimmers will start first, followed by the younger age groups.
Q: "What do I do when I get to the meet?”
A: When you arrive at the pool, after your swimmer has checked in with a coach, help your him/her get sunscreen, cap and goggles together for warm ups. Listen for the coaches who will call the swimmers to the pool area for warm ups.  After that you’ll have plenty of time to set up easy-ups, chairs, snacks & get comfy for the morning’s races! Your age group parent(s) in their fashionable, bright red vests, will be circulating with event & relay assignments for each swimmer. These are parents who have been at many swim meets; they are a great resource for new families! You can help them out by introducing yourself and letting them know where you’re sitting.
Q:  “What happens if our plans change?” A:  We plan on your attendance at every meet.  This is really important in planning relays, so be considerate of your coaches & teammates.  If a change of plans come up prior to the meet, please email Jason immediately.  If there is a last minute emergency or illness, etc., please call or text Jason at 916-541-8590, Cory Stowell at 916-261-8260 or Jon Mohle at 916-997-6044 by 7:15 am the morning of the meet.
Q: "What is a DQ?"
A: DQ stands for ‘disqualified.’ This means that the swimmer did not swim the stroke correctly, or made an illegal start or turn during their race. New swimmers should expect to receive a few DQ’s, especially once they start swimming breaststroke and butterfly. Don’t worry about it, everyone has gotten them at one time or another. If you are DQ’d during your event, you will not receive a ribbon for that swim.
Check your mailboxes - along with your ribbons, you will also receive copies of the DQ slips that are filled out by the Stroke & Turn Judges. Please bring these to the coaches if you have any questions and they will be happy to show you what you did wrong and how to improve your strokes for next time.
Q: "Do they get any ribbons or medals? How are the ribbons passed out?"
A: Yes, all swimmers receive ribbons for each event they swim, if they are not DQ’d. The ribbons will be placed in your mailboxes, usually that same day if it’s a home meet, or on Monday if it’s an away meet.
Each swimmer will receive a participatory medal at the Awards ceremony at the end of the season. Swimmers who place in the top ten at Champs will also receive medals. In addition, there are several other awards given at the end of the season by the coaches.
Q: "What/where is my mailbox"
A: The ‘mailboxes’ are a set of hanging folders with one folder per family, labeled by name (probably the swimmers’ names). The folders are wheeled out from the garage (next to the lifeguard office) and can usually be found at the bottom of the steps or up near the wooden deck near the entrance gate.
Q: "If I have a question during the meet, who do I ask?"
A: There are a lot of experienced parents at meets to ask, but you can begin with your child’s team parent, or a board member. If they can’t answer, they should be able to point you to someone who can.
Q: What age group will my swimmer participate with?
A: The “age up” date is June 15th. Your swimmer will participate with the age group appropriate for his or her age on June 15th. Our age groups are: 6 and Under, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, 15-18.
Q: When are practices?
A: Practices begin mid-April. They are in the evenings, Monday through Friday, with the younger age groups practicing early, and older swimmers later. The actual practice schedule is determined by the coaching staff and will be published on the web site. New families should anticipate that their siblings may have different practice times, depending upon their ages. 
Once summer vacation begins (for San Juan district), the evening practices for the oldest group will last a little later, and we will offer morning practices for ages 9 and above.  Moving swimmers up to a different age group for practice will be based on ability and effort.
Q: How many practices do we need to attend?
A: Swimmers are encouraged to attend practice every day. We realize this is not always convenient or even possible, so we suggest that you try to make at least 3 practices per week.
Q: When are the meets?
A: The meet schedule begins in May with Time Trials. Time Trials is a practice meet that serves many purposes. 1) It allows coaches to evaluate swimmers in race conditions. 2) It sets a base ‘seed’ time for each swimmer in each stroke, so that they can be placed in future meets in a heat with other swimmers with similar times. 3) It provides swimmers an opportunity to get comfortable with racing. 4) It gives new parents an opportunity to get comfortable with the system.
The full meet schedule can be seen under Meets/Events and on our Calendar online. It is also listed in your Parent Handbook. Meets are generally on Saturday mornings, lasting til about 2pm. Championships is a 2 day event, lasting all day, until late afternoon or early evening both days.
Q: Is it ok to leave a meet early?
A: Please stay til the end of the meets if you can, to show team spirit and cheer your teammates on. If you must leave early, please check with your team parent and coach to make sure your child is not in a freestyle relay at the end of the day. If a relay swimmer is missing, there may not be another who can take their place and the entire relay team will have to be scratched. This is not fair to your fellow swimmers and the team. 
Q: How do we manage summer vacations around the meet schedule?
A: Just sign out (online) of any meets that you will be unable to attend, letting us know as soon as possible. Swimmers are required by the League to participate in at least 2 league meets during the season in order to be eligible to swim at Champs, so plan accordingly.
Q: What is Champs?
A: Champs is the Nor Cal League Championship Meet for our Conference. Champs is the culminating event of the season. It runs from Saturday morning through Sunday evening. It’s a lot of fun, and a lot of work. We will need all parents to lend a hand in order to make the weekend work!


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