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  • Make friends with some families who have participated in swim team for some time. They will help you figure out all the dos and don'ts.
  • Get to practice on time. Bring your own towel. And pack a nutritious snack for your swimmer.
  • Label everything -- swimsuit, sweats, towels, goggles and cap. Try a white-out pencil for goggles and cap.
  • Check our website & your mailboxes often. The latest info will be on the website, and ribbons, flyers and other paperwork will be in the mailboxes. “Mailboxes” are actually a set of hanging folders that are brought out onto the pool deck area near the steps each day. Every family will have their own folder where ribbons and flyers will be placed.
  • Be positive and enthusiastic but not overbearing. Your child will stick with swim team only if it is rewarding and fun.
  • If you are going to miss a swim meet, sign out on our website, or let Jason know (in writing) at least eight days before the meet. This information is essential for the coaches as they put together relay teams, etc.
  • Not every swimmer swims every event in his or her age group. If you have questions, talk to the coaches before or after -- not during -- swim meets.
  • Get familiar with the structure of meets. Hint: every race has the same number in every meet. Girls' events have even numbers; boys' events have odd numbers. We begin in the morning with Medley Relays and end with Freestyle Relays. Individual events are in between: IM (individual medley), short freestyle, backstroke, long freestyle, breaststroke & butterfly, with younger swimmers swimming before the older ones.
  • Remember to check in first thing at meets, both with a coach and with your team parent. Otherwise, your child may be scratched from the meet.
  • At meets, pack like you are going camping. Bring lots of extra sweats and towels (even sleeping bags) to keep your children warm in the early morning. And bring sunscreen to protect them from the sun. Folding chairs and pop-up tents are a good idea also.
  • Bring extra food and drinks to meets (but don't forget to frequent the snack bar). Bring extra caps and goggles, too, just in case.
  • Swimmers should stay in their team area. There is a team pop-up for each age group, and this is where the swimmers will hang out with their team parents. The team parents will help to keep the swimmers organized and get them to their races on time. If a swimmer leaves the team tent area, they should let the team parent know where they are going.
  • At meets, younger children get restless between their races. Bring coloring books, games, cards, Legos, board games, etc. to keep them occupied. Electronic games and iPods are discouraged - these items tend to disappear (or get wet) easily.
  • Parents also get restless at meets. The best way to combat boredom is to volunteer! We need all the help we can get, so be sure to sign up for your required volunteer shifts, and make new friends while you help make our meets a success. When you’re not volunteering or cheering the swimmers, bring a book, crosswords puzzles, knitting, etc., to keep yourself busy. Plan on being there for 4 to 7 hours.
  • Cheer for all the kids. Good sportsmanship begins at home. Set a good example.
  • Feed the coaches occasionally. It makes them happy!


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