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**Registration now open!

**Practice begins Monday, April 25th



March 5 - 1:00-4:00 Swim/Synchro Event @Cottage Pool/Spirit Wear Available  

April  25 - First Day of Practice (Mon-Fri)

May - Mock Meet  
May 20 - Team Photos  
Wed 6/1- FEC @ Davis (5pm)  
Wed 6/8 -  Auburn @ FEC  (5pm)  
Sat 6/25  - FEC @ Cordova (7:30 am)  
Wed 6/29 - Sunrise @ FEC (5pm)  
 July 10 - Aquacade  
July 15th and 17th - Champs  

Q: "How do I sign up for the meet?"

A: All swimmers are automatically signed up for all meets, BUT ONLY 40 SWIMMERS CAN PARTICIPATE. The coaching staff may use other criteria to decide who swims each meet such as practice behavior, attitude, and experience. If you are unavailable to participate in a meet please inform your coach in writing.

Q: “What time should we arrive at the meet?” A: Please arrive at 5:00 PM for home meets, and 4:45 PM for away meets. REMEMBER TO CHECK IN with a coach immediately upon arriving at the pool!  We start warm-ups immediately, so all swimmers should be in their suits and ready to enter the pool when they arrive. The routines are first, then Novice Figures, followed by Intermediate Figures.
Q: "What do I do when I get to the meet?”
A: When you arrive at the pool, after your swimmer has checked in with a coach, help your him/her get sunscreen, cap and goggles together for warm ups. Listen for the coaches who will call the swimmers to the pool area for warm ups. There are parents who have been at many meets who are a great resource for new families!
Q: “What happens if our plans change?” A: We plan on your attendance at every meet. This is really important in planning routines, so be considerate of your coaches & teammates. If there is a last minute emergency or change in plans, please contact your coach immediately!
Q: "Who gets ribbons?" 

A: Swimmers placing in the top six for their age group receive ribbons.  The ribbons are awarded at the end of the meet. Swimmers who place in the top ten at Champs will receive medals. In addition, there are several other awards given at the end of the season by the coaches.

Q: "What is the end of the season awards ceremony?" A: At the end of the season all swimmers will receive a trophy for participation. The Coaching staff also chooses individual swimmers to award other trophies in areas like: most improved, best attitude, etc.
Q: "How does the team communicate with coaches and parents?"

A: All parents have access to FECStingrays.org web site for important dates and to sign up for meets. Emails are sent out regularly.

We also use a phone app called TEAM APP. THE COACH OR PARENT VP will sign up for this app.

Q: "If I have a question during the meet, who do I ask?" A: There are a lot of experienced parents at meets to ask. Most team parents should be able to answer your question or should be able to point you to a board member who can.
Q: What age group will my swimmer participate with? A: The “age up” date is June 15th. Groups are 8 and under, 9-18 years, and Intermediates can include all age groups.
Q: When are practices? A: Evening practices begin in April and morning practices begin in June. Visit Synchro Practice Schedule for specifics.
Q: How many practices do we need to attend?
A: Swimmers are encouraged to attend practice every day. We realize this is not always convenient or even possible, so we suggest that you try to make at least 3 practices per week.

Q: When are the meets? 

Mock Meet is a practice meet!

A: The meet schedule begins with a Mock Meet. The Mock Meet serves many purposes. 1) It allows coaches to evaluate swimmers.  2) It provides swimmers a chance to get familiar with how a meet runs. 3) It provides an opportunity to see how the figures will be judged 4) It gives new parents a dry run for the many jobs that each meet requires.

The full meet schedule can be seen under Meets/Events and Calendar online, and in the Parent Handbook. Meets are on Wednesday and one Friday evening, lasting from 5pm until about 10 pm. Championships are a 2 day event, Friday evening and all day Sunday.

Q: Is it ok to leave a meet early?

A: Please stay til the end of the meets if you can, to show team spirit and cheer your teammates on. If you must leave early, please let a coach know.

Q: How do we manage summer vacations around the meet schedule? A: Inform the coach as soon as possible. Writing it down and handing it to the coach is helpful. Swimmers are required by the League to participate in at least 2 league meets during the season in order to be eligible to swim at Champs, so plan accordingly.
Q: What is Champs? A. Champs is the V.F.C.A.L Championship Meet for our Conference. Champs is the culminating event of the meet season. It runs FRIDAY EVENING AND ALL DAY SUNDAY. It’s a lot of fun, and a lot of work. We will need all parents to volunteer in order to make the weekend work!


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