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Our USA Swim team is a year-round team that swims with the other Spare Time Aquatics as one team - the Sharks!  Gold River used to only join this team during the Fall, off season of the summer recreational team of the Stingrays.  We have now decided to keep this team training all year round - so swimmers will be able to choose during the Spring/Summer time whether they would like to keep swimming for the Sharks or join the Recreational Stingray team.

Online Meet Entry [OME]

Welcome, new Spare Time Aquatics Sharks (STAS) Swim Team parents! Here is your guide to circumnavigating what initially looks like a daunting USA Swimming registration process. USA Swimming is the national governing body for the sport, and at the regional level we have the Sierra Nevada Local Swimming Committee (LSC). There are 59 LSCs within the country, delineated by geography and demographics.

Their respective Websites are: USA Swimming and Sierra Nevada In addition to those, Sierra Nevada (and a few other LSCs) use a company called Swim Connection to host the functional components of our STAS team. These include Online Meet Entries (OMEs), tracking of results, and swimmers' histories.

Your tasks as a parent are summarized briefly below. For those who are interested, a much more detailed explanation of the entire process is as follows: 

1)  Register your swimmer/s with USA Swimming using You will receive the USS ID#. Here is the Swim-Smarter Help page swim-smarter instructions, and the club code for our team is SN-STAS.

2)  Open an account on, which will allow you to track swimmer/s' meet times online.

3)  Open a second account on , and add your swimmer/s via the USS ID#. The OME Help page is OME swimconnection instructions.

4)  Enter your swimmer/s to participate in meets via the OME Website as instructed by the coach.

Swimmers are then resident within this system via the 14-character US Swimming Registration number, which consists of portions of first and last name, birthdate, and sometimes other random characters needed to ensure the use ID is nationally individualized. The intent of this format is for ease of memorization.

Note that the swimmer ID is not the user ID for the Website. Normally, parents will create an account user ID and password and then create and link for swimmer/s to that account [via the USS number]. There are links on the Swim Connection Website Account screen to renew annual USS registration for existing swimmers or to register a first-time swimmer. Your account screen is then accessed by clicking on your user ID after you are logged in.

These online activities are typically undertaken between September 1 and December 31 for the following swimming year, which runs from September through August. This is  traditionally from the start of short-course season until the end of long-course season, while the finances remain on a calendar year. 

Note: Research the meets before you enter your swimmer; entry fees are not refundable. Check with the coach or other qualified team parent about which meets to enter and, if you are unsure, about this process itself. The meet sheet is uploaded prior to registering, and you can enter events and then scratch them at the meet. Please remember: There are no refunds.

Last but not least, we also have a team website: through which parents need an account to access. This site is dedicated to having all information pertinent to our specific team. We also maintain an email distribution list there. Such items include practice schedule changes, upcoming events, fundraisers, etc. You can request an account via the Contact Me area on the Website or directly from the Website admins [Head Coach, Head Age-Group Coach, Board Member, etc.] Take note that several screens refer to Billing on this Website.