Gold River Stingrays


How to sign up for TeamUnify meets and activities:

  1. Log into your account
  2. Click on "Events and Competition"
  3. Look for your meet or event
  4. Click on that event
  5. Click on "Commit" (you will see a drop down menu)
  6. Click "Yes" to commit the meet or event
  7. You can leave a message for the coach in the message box if your swimmer can only swim certain days or can't swim until a certain event number
  8. Click "Save Changes"

How to sign up for your swimmer's events on TeamUnify:

  1. Click on your swimmer's name
  2. Your swimmers events will be listed for the event
  3. Click the events your swimmer would like to swim
  4. Click "Save Changes" on the bottom of the page
  5. If you do not click "Save Changes" your entries will not be displayed