Gold River Stingrays


Gold River Stingrays – PARENT CODE of CONDUCT
  • Set the right example for our children by showing respect and common courtesy at all times to the team members, coaches, competitors, officials, parents, and for all facilities and other property used during practice or competition.
  • Respect the integrity of swim officials by assuming decisions are based on honest, objective evaluations of performance. Only coaches may approach meet officials for clarification of rulings.
  • Understand that opposing teams, including their swimmers, coaches, and fans, want the same positive experiences for their swimmers as we do. Help Gold River achieve our goals by avoiding criticism either verbally or by gesture. Look for opportunities to build rapport with teams that we compete and work with.
  • Demonstrate good sportsmanship during all practices, competitions and team activities. Gold River Swim Team wins gracefully, loses graciously and congratulates their opponents either way.
  • Support your professional coaches as they strive to do what is best for each Gold River Sport Club swimmer. Our expectations and methods are based on USA Swimming, the American Swim Coaches Association and other recognized swimming authorities. Realize that swimmers become easily confused when coached by parents and benefit most from positive reinforcement of the professional coaching staff’s instructions and advice. Your unconditional love and support before and after races will help them best.
  • Represent Gold River with excellence, respect, team spirit, good sportsmanship, and politeness.
  • If you have coaching concerns, address it with the appropriate coach in private.  If you have club concerns, address it with an Gold River board member in private. 
  • Maintain open and honest communication among all members of the Gold River family. We reach our common goals by working together.
  • Ensure that responses on any of the team's communications channels remain professional and considerate. 
  • Insist that your child refrain from using alcohol, tobacco, drugs, other prohibited substances, violence, abusive or foul language, inappropriate sexual conduct or any other behavior deemed dishonest, discourteous, offensive or disrespectful of others.
  • Assist the coaches in conducting effective practices by ensuring swimmers arrive and leave on time, and bring the proper equipment.
  • Arrive at meets in time for volunteer or swimmer check in, stretching and warm-ups.
  • Know your role. Swimmers – Swim / Coaches – Coach / Officials – Officiate / Parents – Parent
  • Do not interrupt or confront the coaching staff on the pool deck during practice or meets, including not being present on deck during practice or competitions unless you are working at the meet. Coaches are available before or after training, meets and competitions for feedback or to discuss issues. 
  • Assist the coaches by not talking with or motioning to swimmers during practices unless clearing it with a coach first.
  • Do not speak harshly or directly to a child who is not your own. Please contact a coach or a board member if you have an issue with another parent's child. The Gold River board member or coach will approach the child's parent, if necessary. 
  • Maintain self-control at all times. Refrain from inappropriate behavior that detracts from a positive image of the team or is detrimental to our performance.
  • Be an active participant in all fundraising events and other team activities and encourage and support your child by ensuring your child is timely for allGold River Swim Team events.
  • Trust and support your swimmer’s and coach’s decisions around goal-setting, training commitments, swim event 
entries, and meet schedules. Do not impose your ambitions on your child.
  • Any questions about disqualifications, judging, etc. should be directed to your swimmer’s coach.
  • Get involved….be an official, volunteer at meets, work on a committee, help plan a fundraiser, and help plan a group 
social. Find something you enjoy!
  • Pay your fees on time.
  • Know and uphold Gold River rules, regulations, management and coach directives, and by-laws that are designed to maximize the experience for all swimmers and parents.
Remember this is suppose to fun for the kids and everyone involved.