Gold River Stingrays






The Gold River Stingrays, a fun and competitive summer recreational swim team, participates in the NorCal Swim League. Of the five divisions in this league, our team is ranked in 1st tier, which is called the Comstock Conference. Team membership consists of boys and girls ages 4-18. Optional March Clinics, five weeks devoted to each stroke, begin at the first of that month, and our spring/summer season is from April through July. We also offer a program for our fledgling swimmers, known as the Mini-Rays.   

Our Mission is to engage young athletes as they are first introduced to and then thrive upon the sheer enjoyment of camaraderie and competition. Within our comfortable and supportive environment, the encouragement of overall skill development is more easily accepted, and the instruction of proper and effective techniques are more easily ingrained. Practice sessions incorporate fun activities that build team spirit. While focusing on each child's physical, mental and emotional needs in a systematic fashion, we pride ourselves in assisting all participants to maximize their love of the sport, overall improvement and performance potential ... both in and out of the pool. 

The three lead coaches have annually-renewed certification through USA Swimming. Being dually affiliated with these organizations, the Head Coach is afforded the most  comprehensive youth-training proficiency of any national sport. In addition, with success on the worldwide stage, our Head Coach is especially knowledgeable about swimming as a whole. All coaches have extensive experience, both as group instructors and personal swimmers, and hold current CPR and First Aid certificates.    

The words Fun, Good Sportsmanship, Families, Teammates, Growth and Cheer best describe our Philosophy. Coaches, parents and athletes appreciate that fact that swimming is a safe sport for lifelong fitness. Our Vision is to create a unified, multi-level and inspirational  practice and meet setting that instills motivation, confidence and pride ... ultimately, embracing the concept of Mind/Body/Spirit. Throughout the season, young members learn to goal-set, attain those aspirations and reach even higher. Swimming is unique in that each individual is enlightened as to overall team contribution, bettering his/her own performances and understanding the  importance of good sportsmanship. 

The administrators of the Gold River Stingrays, operated by its volunteer Board of Directors, meet on a frequent basis to discuss all team-related matters and enhance families' experiences. These members include the Board, Coaches, Chairpersons, Club Management and other volunteers. All parents are invited to attend the gatherings, voice their opinions and become enthusiastically involved in our activities. After all, swimming is a family sport!  

The Gold River Sports Club also belongs to STAS [Spare Time Aquatics Sharks], a corporate-wide USA program that trains and competes during the fall/winter months, September through January. Year-round swimming provides myriad benefits: fitness, friendship and fun. Click on the Fall Swim tab for practice and swim meet schedules.

I Believe We Can!