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March Clinics

Stroke Mechanics - 2020

Head Coach Paul Murphy and Assistants Stephanie Turnbull and Christie D'Eon will be conducting Pre-Season Swim Team Clinics during the month of March. Masters Coach Sandy McDonald will also be on-hand to provide additional technique expertise. League rules allow swimmers to participate in three one-hour technique clinic sessions per week. The clinic is offered four days each week swimmers will be in the water Tues through Thurs and will have a Core & Flexibility Class on Friday. The clinics will run for four weeks and focus on each of the four strokes in addition to racing starts & turns. You may sign up for individual sessions or all four sessions.

Week 1 - Freestyle
Week 2 - Backstroke
Week 3 - Breaststroke (Level 1 - Freestyle)
Week 4 - Butterfly (Level 1 - Backstroke)
The clinics are offered Tuesday thru Friday each week. Athletes will swim Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays and have Core & Flexibility Class on Fridays.


Levels 1 - 6 $30 per week or $105 per month
Mini-Rays $105 per month

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All families must be members of the Gold River Sports Club.