Welcome to Rio del Oro Sports Club!


Welcome to Rio Del Oro, home of the Rapids!  We look forward to hosting your team at our club.  Here’s some helpful information:



Rio Del Oro swim club is located at 119 Scripps Drive, Sacramento, CA 95825.  Please enter through the back gate on the west side of the club.



Parking at the club is limited, so please plan to park on the street. The Rio del Oro parking lots are reserved for club members who are using the other facilities.  Please also make sure not to park in the private lots directly next to the tennis courts or across the street from the club.  These businesses will tow illegally parked cars from those lots. We can however use the parking lots at 99 Scripps Drive and 95 Scripps Drive. These lots are on the other side of the street from the club. 


Team Areas:

Visiting teams will set up on the basketball court, which is located at the western end of the pool and just to the left upon entering the back gate to the club.


Key Times:

7:00 am            Club opens for set-up

7:20 am            Scratch meeting

7:30 am            Home warm-up

7:50 am            Meet Officials and Timers Meeting 

8:00 am            Visiting Team warm-up

8:15 am            First shift of volunteers to spots

8:28 am            National Anthem

8:30 am            Meet Commences


Please note that the start time for the Rio Del Oro Spring Invitational is 9:00 am.


Pools:  We have an eight-lane pool that is used for racing, along with a six-lane and two-lane pool that can be used for warming up and warming down.  We ask that kids not warming up or warming down stay out of the additional lanes of the warm-up pools (which are open for club members). The spa is closed to swimmers throughout the meet. 



  • IM & Long free:  We like to limit the number of heats to 3 heats, but have some flexibility.
  • Relays: We swim one heat for each of the relays (four entries per team).
  • Please submit the  entry files to Coach Richard Levin at [email protected]  no later than 6 pm Thursday before the Saturday meet.


Volunteer Positions Needed:

  • With the exception of stroke and turn, we operate two shifts of volunteers, changing at the midway point of the meet (after backstroke). 
  • Timers: 12 per shift, including 1 back-up per shift (26 total).
  • Stroke and Turn (S/T): 2 stroke and turn judges per team, per shift (6 total):  We operate 4 s/t stations, and each team will staff 2 stations per shift.  We operate 3 shifts of stroke and turn per meet, breaking after short freestyle (15-18 50 Free); and the long free (15-18 100 Free.  Early Take off Judges may be required as specified by the Meet Referee.
  • Ready Bench: 2 people per shift (4 total).
  • Ribbon Operations: 2 people per shift (4 total).


Food & Beverage: Food options usually include a pool-side snack-bar, a club snack-bar (with a larger variety of options) and a mobile Taco Truck (with delicious breakfast burritos and lunch tacos). 


Swim Like a Rapid!