Proper strokes equal fast times

March clinics put the “ FUN ” in fundamentals

The summer swim season is just around the corner and in order to have a fun and successful season, swimmers of all ages and skill levels are encouraged to sign up for up the March Swim Clinics.  These clinics will offer highly focused technique work coupled with a fun environment.  Beginning Tuesday March 1st the clinics will feature a different stroke every week.  Each week will offer multiple stroke drills.  The emphasis of these clinics will be to provide a positive and instructional environment in which all swimmers regardless of ability can improve their swimming ability and knowledge of the sport.  The Rio Del Oro Rapids staff will teach the clinics.

Fundamentals will be the main emphasis of these clinics, so come join the fun.  The coaches are looking forward to a championship season and it begins with clinics.

These clinics will fill up fast, so be register online February 1st to assure your child a spot in these valuable clinics. For more information, feel free to check out the team website:, if you have specific questions you may reach Coach Richard: (916) 459-7557

2023 DATES

March 6-10: Freestyle

March 13-17: Backstroke

March 20-24: Breaststroke (Week 3 is Freestyle for 6 and Unders)

March 27-31: Butterfly (Week 4 is Backstroke for 6 and Unders)


Session Times                                                                             

6 & Under      4:15 - 4:45 PM

7 -8               4:45 - 5:30 PM

9 - 10            5:30 - 6:15 PM

11 & Up         6:15 - 7:15 PM


1 Clinic: $45

2 Clinics: $90

3 Clinics: $135

4 Clinics: $145


League Bylaws Pertaining to Clinics

Proper strokes equal fast times

Section 12.05. No Practice Between February 1 and March 31 No Team shall conduct practice during the time period commencing February 1 and extending through March 31 of any calendar year. A Team found to be in violation of this Section 12.05 shall not be eligible to participate in the next scheduled League championship meet. As used in these Bylaws, the term "practice" means any workout for the purpose of which is to build up and increase the physical conditioning and endurance of the swimmer. The term does not encompass stroke-and-turn instruction the focus of which is to promote improved swimming technique and which complies with Section 12.06. Section 12.06. Permitted Stroke-And-Turn Training Programs and Swimming Lessons. 25 Notwithstanding Section 
12.05 an individual shall not be ineligible to participate during a League swimming season if the individual participates in a stroke-and-turn training program or swimming lessons during the month of March provided that: (a) The focus of said programs or lessons is to develop stroke technique and not for building up and increasing the physical conditioning and endurance of the swimmer, and shall be limited as follows: (i.) Each swimmer may participate no more than 60 minutes in one day; (ii.) Each swimmer may participate no more than three (3) days in a week, and (iii.)Each swimmer shall swim no more than 50 yards without stopping for instruction.








March 4-8 Freestyle

March 11-15 Backstroke

March 18-22 Breaststroke





8 and under  4:00-4:45