2022 Rio Rapids  

Parent Volunteer Commitment  



Rio Rapids Swim Team runs only because of our committed, dynamic parents – it really DOES take a village to run a meet!  Whether it is home or away meets, or great team events, nothing would happen without our fantastic family volunteers.  Our team is not unique – every swim team requires a volunteer commitment from their families.   Also, it’s your chance to get involved, get to know other Rapids families and have an opportunity to support our team. 

Volunteer Responsibilities

Our family commitment this year for the regular season (not including League Championships) is the less this year than years past – 10 shifts per family.  The value of the shift varies based on the type of job being performed at the swim meet.  You will  see on the volunteer descriptions below as well as on the online volunteer sign-up how many “shift or shifts” each job is worth. The exception to the * shift per family requirement is for families with only 15-18 age group swimmers.  These families are required to fulfill two shifts for the regular season (this is in addition to the Championships volunteer requirements).  The Parents or the swimmer may fulfill this requirement. (Note: if you have a 15-18 swimmer AND a swimmer in another age group, you are required to fulfill the entire 10 shift commitment.)

In addition to the regular season volunteer requirements, if your child or children swim at the League Championships, then you are required to complete 2 shifts per family over the course of the 2-day meet.  Families with only 6 & under swimmers competing (and thus, only swimming on the first day of the meet) will be required to complete 1 shift per family.  Swimmers will only be allowed to enter Championships after they or their parents sign up for their required shifts.

All job duties will be filled on a first-come first-served basis and will be available online prior to our first swim meet.  You will also be able to track your participation online.  We have an incentive program that rewards the families who perform the most volunteer hours. The top reward is front row parking at each home meet.

While we understand that all families are incredibly busy, swim meets cannot run efficiently and finish on time if volunteers don’t sign up or show-up for their shifts.  Because if this, if you miss a shift you signed up for and do not find a replacement or receive prior approval to miss your shift from the volunteer coordinator(s),  you will be charged $50 and receive no credit for the missed shift. 

At the end of the season all of the volunteer shifts will be reported and assessed.  

If the required shifts were not completed, or you were a no-show to a shift, the swimmer’s family account will be assessed $50.00 per shift, for all shifts not completed.  All fines will be automatically deducted through the Rio Rapids Team Unify Account.

We really are all in this together, and we appreciate you doing your part to make this an enjoyable and rewarding experience for all parents and swimmers.  Thank you in advance for being part of the Rio Rapids Family and making this season the best one yet! 



Parent Job Descriptions



Pool side seat during meets!  Announces events, lane changes, updates to events at home meets. Calls for missing swimmers and or shift workers as needed. Value: 1 shift.  Experience required: NONE, but helpful to work with experienced announcer during time trials.

Ready Bench Volunteer:

Works with Head Ready Bench Volunteer to help seat swimmers in the Ready Bench area.  Value: 1.5 shifts.  Experience Required: NONE, but helpful to work with experienced volunteer at time trials.

Head Ready Bench Volunteer Coordinator:

*Please note: this is a job for the entire season.

Works with parent volunteers during every meet.  By signing up for this job, you agree to be at all meets or find a responsible replacement. At the end of the season, you will receive a full 10 shift credit for the season. Value: 10 shifts. Experience Required: NONE.


Manages computerized timer system to track and record event's lane results, watches the meet poolside. Manages the scoreboard as needed. Value: 1 shift.  Experience Required: One shift of training experience during Time Trials. 

Parking Attendant:

Arrive to home meet by 7 a.m. to assist with monitoring designated parking areas for all families participating in swim meet. This job is completed by the start of the meet. Value: 1 shift.  Experience Required: none.

Head Ribbon Volunteer Coordinator:

*Please note: this is a job for the entire season.

Works with parent volunteers during every meet.  Ensures that all ribbons are completed by end of meet.  Responsible for bringing "Family Files" to all away meets as well.  By signing up for this job, you agree to be at all meets or find a responsible replacement. At the end of the season, you will receive a full 10 shift credit for the season. Value: 10 shifts. Experience Required: NONE.


Label and sort all ribbons awarded to swimmers.  Place in family file. Sign up to help the Head Ribbon Volunteer Coordinator at individual meets. Value: 1 shift.  Experience Required: none (good job for new families or those with small children).

Runners/Results Poster:

Gathers completed lane slips from each timer at end of each event. Delivers lane slips to computer operators. Also responsible for posting results during meet. Watches the meet poolside. Value: 1 shift. Experience Required: NONE (a good job for new families).

Lead Setup Volunteer Coordinator:

*Note: This job is for the entire season!

Present each Friday Night and Saturday Morning for setup.  In charge of all setup volunteers.  The "go-to" person for all set-up questions during Home Meets.  Coordinates the pickup of all E-Z Up tents for Away Meets with Transport Volunteers.  By signing up for this job, you agree to attend all Friday Night Set-ups and Saturday Morning Setups for Home Meets or finding a responsible substitute if unavailable.  Value: At the completion of season, if job is successfully completed, 10 shifts will be credited.  Experience Required: Familiar with the setup procedure at Rio- prior setup experience preferred.

Setup Friday Night, Home Meet:

Help to prepares pool area and team area starting Friday evening at 5 PM before a Saturday Home Meet. Value: 1 shift.  Experience required: NONE (a good job for new families and those with young swimmers).

Setup Home Meet, Saturday Morning:

Completes preparation for meets – Must arrive at 6:30 AM. Value: 1.5 shifts.  Experience Required: NONE (a good job for new families and those with young swimmers).

Snack Bar Worker:

Sells refreshments and meals during all home meets to swimmers, parents and spectators.  This position helps to raise funds for the Rapids Swim Team. Value: 1 shift.  Experience Required: NONE.


Starts races for swimmers. Value: 2 shifts.  Experience Required: must train with experienced Starter prior to signing up.

Stroke and Turn Judge:

Verifies swimmers are using correct stroke and turn. Submits event disqualification (DQ) slips to the meet referee. Swimming background is helpful, but not required. Watches the meet pool side.   Value: 2 shifts.  Experience Required: This job requires attendance at a training meeting TBD


Takes down and puts equipment away after the meet. Value: 2 shifts.  Experience Required: NONE.

Tent Transportation and Setup at Away Meets:

Away meets only.  Need truck or larger SUV to transport tents that shade the swimmer during the meets.  Job requires pick up of E-Z Ups from Rio on Friday night, and Saturday transportation of, set up, tear down and return of E-Z Ups back to Rio.  Value: 2 shifts.  Experience Required: NONE (not a job for 6&U only parents as it requires you to be present at end of meet to take down tents).

Team Area Parent:

Positions available for each age group, girls and boys.  Hands-on interaction with swimmers in the team area. In charge of the meet sheets and informing swimmers of their races.  Deliver swimmers to the ready bench in time for their race.  (If you have younger children that require supervision in addition to your swimmer(s) this may be a perfect spot for you). Value: There are 1/2 day shifts available for 1 shift credit and full day shifts available for 2 shift credits. Experience Required: NONE  Please note: This job position requires you to be ON TIME for meets. If you are not present to help with writing numbers on the hands of the swimmers, you will not receive credit for your shift.


Front row seat in the shade, this position is responsible for timing and recording individual swimmer’s times at home and away meets. Value: 1 shift.  Experience Required: NONE (this is a great job for new families)

Volunteer Check In:

Need to arrive early to meet (6:45 am), assist the Volunteer Chairperson with checking in Parent Volunteers. This job is typically completed by start of meet. Value: 1 shift. Experience Required: NONE (a great job for new families and families with young swimmers).




Frequently Asked Questions


I’m a new parent with little children, and often at meets without my spouse.  What jobs can I do when I’m watching small kids at a swim meet?

This is a tough situation for many new families, but there are a lot of jobs that can be done with little ones.  For example, serving as your age-group’s team parent at meets ensures that you are always in the area with your child.  There are also jobs you can do that aren’t during meets – like setup or takedown.  The parent volunteer coordinators are here to help – so if you’re having trouble filling your shifts, just email us at [email protected] and we’ll help you find shifts that are convenient for you!


My child is on swim team, but we won’t be attending any meets.  Do I still need to do volunteer shifts?

Yes.  Every family who is registered for swim team must complete their 10 shifts.  Even if you do not attend meets, there are shifts – like Friday night setup, Saturday morning setup, or post-meet takedown that you can complete. 


I have a 15-18 on the team, and never come to the meets.  We’ve never been required to volunteer before – does our family still need to volunteer?

In the past, families of the older kids on swim team have not been required to fulfill volunteer shifts.  This year, however, families of 15-18 swimmers will be required to fulfill 2 volunteer shifts plus their Champs requirement.  While many of the families with young swimmers on our team struggle to meet their volunteer obligation, we feel it is necessary and fair to require a partial commitment from families of our oldest swimmers.


What if an emergency arises and we can’t make our shift at a meet? 

As soon as you know you cannot fulfill your shift due to an emergency please notify Nicole Purell immediately at  [email protected].  On a case-by-case basis you may be able to reschedule a shift; however you will still be required to complete those shifts at a later time. 


When I get to a meet, where do I go to start my volunteer shift?

Look for the “Rio Rapids” volunteer sign in table, which is usually located right next to the team area, at both home and away meets.   If you don’t check in, you will not receive credit for your shift.


I signed up for a meet setup shift, and my husband wants to help too.  If only one of us signed up, can we both come and get double credit?

No.  There are only a certain number of spots available based on what we need for set up and overall need for volunteers.  If you and your husband each sign up for a spot, that’s great – and you both get credit.  But if you’ve only signed up for one spot and the rest are full, you can’t get double credit.


What do the times for the shifts mean, and are they strictly adhered to?

No!  They are not strict.  Many of the “2nd shift” jobs begin after backstroke (and after the 6&unders are done for the day.)  An announcement will be made over the loud speaker for the ‘2nd shift workers’ to report to their stations – please listen for this.  If you don’t report on time you could delay the meet.  For parents that only have a 6&under swimmer, you will want to only sign up for 1st shift jobs so you’re done when your swimmer is.


These policies seem pretty strict.  What do other teams do for their parent requirements?

We try to be fair with these policies – balancing the need to ensure our meets run smoothly, while ensuring that every family carries some of the load required to complete these tasks.  Many other clubs in our region require higher deposits, and some even scratch kids from meets if their parents don’t do the jobs.  We believe these policies will provide the impetus for people to take them seriously and complete their volunteer commitment while still being fair.