We practice at the Whitney High School (WHS) and Rocklin High School (RHS) pools in Rocklin, CA.  The latest team emails are archived on our homepage under TEAM NEWS, please check there for any changes to our normal practice schedule. 

Here is a link to our   Air Quality policy 

RST swimming pools are located at Whitney High School and Rocklin High School in Rocklin, CA.


If you are not on the swim roster and want receive information, please click here to get on our email list and provide name of your swimmer and their date of birth.


Practices will be held rain or shine. In the event of lightning or pool malfunctions, practice will be canceled with a text alert (click here for instructions to get text alerts) and email sent. Swimmers exit pool if thunder within 10 miles of pool and can re-enter pool after 30 minutes in the absence of thunder.

It is critical for the coaches’ attention to be focused on swimmer instruction and safety during practice.  Parents and siblings must remain away from the coaching area on deck during practice to minimize distractions.  Parents are welcome to watch practices away from the coaching area on the pool deck.  Please avoid distracting the swimmers or the coaches during practice. Please relay this information to any other caregivers who may bring or pick up your children. Children who are not in practice must remain with their parents. If you wish to speak with a coach, please wait until the end of the last practice or send a quick email to set up an appointment.  The only break the coaches have is the short time between practices without swimmers in the water. If needed, the Board members are available to answers questions at any time.