Meet of Champions Information 2022

Traditionally this is an optional "all star" meet after our Wave swim season. In 2022 the dates are July 30-31st and you can view further information by clicking here for the MOC Meet. Swimmers are eligible by meeting a MOC qualifying time or being a finalist (top 10 per individual swim event) in their league champs and can select one "bonus" swim at MOC.  Coaches may invite relay only swimmers who do not need to meet a qualifying time. 

There will be an email sent after WAVE champs to all eligible MOC participants with the 2-step registration:

1) clicking here to "attend/decline" for the MOC meet on our website and in comment section specify the qualified swim(s) they want to swim then label and specify the one bonus event (Coach will update times and check entries)

2) clicking here to select on left margin “Registration” to register on the MOC website, pay the  fee , and sign up for a volunteer shift.


Head Coach will Contact MOC Qualifiers for details!  

Practice times: 7&Up ages: 10:30am-12:00pm, 6&Under: 12:00-12:40pm

WAVE MOC Qualifiers:

6&Unders: Whitney Yerman-free, back, Elizabeth Kirk-back, Kalvin Palma Blakemore -free, back

7/8s: Caitlyn Kuminoff-back, long free, breast, fly, Mia Cappalo-free, back, long free, fly,  Karis Bachman-free, breast, Ella Hottendorf-free, back, long free, fly,  Everett Titley-free, back, long free, breast, fly,  Dax VanWagenen-free, back, Travis Picetti-free, back, long free, breast, fly, Christian Difuntorum-fly

9/10s: Isla Fairbanks -IM, free, back, long free, breast, fly, Savannah Hirzel-back, Harper Boers-back, long free, Keira Hairston-free, breast, fly, Kalaia Sutherland-free, back, Sophie VanWagenen-free, long free, Lincoln Fairbanks-IM, free, long free, back, fly, Tahj del Valle-IM, free, back, long free, breast, fly

11/12s: Tatiana Brown-IM, free, back, long free, Quinn Greenfield-fly, Audrey Shaver-breast, Elliana Titley-fly, Nash VanWagenen-IM, free, back, long free, breast, fly, JD Olson-back

13/14s: Abby Martin-back, Ella Fuchs-IM, free, back, long free, breast, Isaac Hairston-breast, Jack Greenfield-fly, Isaiah Tuifua -IM, free, back

15/18s: Bella Shaver-IM, long free, breast, fly