Competitive Recreation Team - Rocklin WAVE





Join the Rocklin Swim Team Wave Team (Recreation Team) and practice swim stroke mechanics, starts, turns, race strategies and increase overall swim endurance. Our Wave Recreation Swim Team is NOT a learn to swim program. Priority will be given to returning swimmers. If spots are still available and you have NOT participated on a Wave, Splash or Mavericks Program, please email [email protected] for a tryout.

Winter Wave Team

DATES: Monday through Friday 11/1/2022-1/31/2023

Prorated fees are available for mid-session start (if spots are available).

Upcoming Sessions:

February: Dryland workout program. Details coming soon.

March: Swim Clinic (one month registration)

April-July: Spring / Summer Wave Team. *Meet participation and volunteer shifts are required.


Primary location: Whitney HS Pool, 701 Wildcat Blvd, Rocklin

Secondary location: Rocklin HS Pool, 5301 Victory Ln, Rocklin

GROUPS: Questions on group assignment should be directed to: [email protected]   

BRONZE: 4:00PM-4:30PM

Swimmers need to be water safe and be able to swim 1 length (25 yards) of freestyle and 1 length of backstroke unassisted. Working on their side breathing and will be introduced to breaststroke and butterfly kick. 

Session Fee: $310

SILVER 1: 4:30PM-5:15PM

Swimmers need to be able to swim 2 lengths (50 yards) of freestyle and 2 lengths of backstroke. They need to have a legal breaststroke kick and butterfly kick. They will learn full stroke breaststroke and butterfly and will be introduced to flip turns and open turns. 

Session Fee: $325

SILVER 2: 5:15PM-6:00PM

Swimmers need to complete 1 length (25 yards) of legal butterfly and breaststroke and 4 lengths (100 yards) of freestyle and backstroke. They need to keep track of intervals during sets by using the clock.

Session Fee: $325

GOLD 1: 6:00PM-7:00PM

Swimmers need to complete 2 lengths (50 yards) of butterfly and breaststroke. Complete a 100 IM and proficient at turns and dives. They will need to remember sets and intervals given to them by their coach.
Session Fee: $345

GOLD 2: 4:00PM-5:15PM

These swimmers are the more experienced athletes from Gold 1. These swimmers will have higher intensity sets and focus on completing 100's of each stroke and 200 IMs.

Session Fee: $355

The last day to request a refund from Rocklin Swim Team (minus $25 processing fee) is Friday, October 28th. Email [email protected]

Coaches may reassign swimmers to different group based on skill level (a price adjustment will occur for any group changes).

Coaches will not be in the water with swimmers.  Swimmers need to be able to swim consistently for the entire practice.

Should a pool closure occur, make up practices may be scheduled for a Saturday.

Parent volunteers are critical for a successful aquatics program.  Besides our parent volunteers that run the Board of Directors, every family volunteers for swim meets, championships and social events.