Parent Job Descriptions

Each swim family will be required to provide one volunteer to work one shift for five (5) different dual swim meets, time trials, Shark-a-Thon, combination thereof. There are positions in which young children may accompany you; however, the team cannot be held responsible for their safety. No one is allowed in the pool during the meets except team members swimming an event or warming up. If you have questions about the jobs below, please contact Annie Perkins, Volunteer Coordinator (916) 500-1308 call/text.


These jobs are worked in two different shifts on the day of a meet. There is an Shift 1, which starts at check-in and goes until the end of the backstroke events. Shift 2 goes from end of backstroke, until the end of the meet.

Assist in setting up easy ups and shade structures for timers and team parent area; PA system; tables for computer equipment, coaches, and announcer; plungers for the Colorado timing system; and scoreboard and computer equipment. Arranges chairs for timers and Ready Bench and ropes off team area, if needed. During Away Meets, only the Team Area needs to be setup with our shade structures.

Take down
Takes down everything that was listed in Setup and at Home Meets ensures the pool is cleaned up for public swim usage.

Each lane has three timers, which operate timing plungers or stop watches depending up timing method being used. A Timers meeting is held for both shift timers in the morning before the meet starts to go over rules and precautions. One timer will also record the stopwatch time on the Lane Timer sheet and verify the name of the swimmer(s) in that lane.

Head Timer - Home Meets Only
Maintains two backup watches to time races for each event in the event a timer has difficulty with their watch. 

Meet Announcer - Home Meets Only
Uses a microphone to direct swimmers, by swimming event number, to the Ready Bench and announces events, swimmers, and general announcements.

Starter - Home Meets Only
Directs swimmers to the blocks, announces the event, coordinates with the Head Timer and Computer Operators to ensure they are ready, directs swimmers to "take your mark" and sees that no swimmer is in motion prior to giving the start signal. [Training Required]

Stroke and Turn Judges & Early Take Off Judges
Ensures that the rules for each stroke, including starts, turns and finishes, are being followed for the lanes they are assigned to. Documents rule violations on DQ slips and gives to Lane Runner. [Training Required]

Ready Bench
Using Final Meet Program, arranges swimmers in proper lane and event/heat order at ready bench area. Takes swimmers to swim lanes and lane chairs. Manages the queuing process of swimmers for the several upcoming heats and events. Works with team parents and starter to coordinate the timing of moving swimmers through the process.

Runner - Home Meets Only
Collects the Lane Timer sheets and the disqualification sheets (DQ slips) from the lane writers and Stroke and Turn Judges. Lane Timer sheets are delivered to the Computer Software Operator and the DQ slips are delivered to the Meet Referee for review and signature. Post Meet Results and delivers ribbon labels to the Ribbon Operations table.

Ribbon Labelers
Places our team's ribbon labels on appropriate place ribbon and files them in the swimmer's mail folder.

Hospitality - Home Meets Only
Manages the preparation and delivery of snacks and drinks to the volunteers and coaches persons that are filling the various positions, which are running the meet.

Snack Bar Helpers - Home Meets Only
This job requires you to service customers purchasing food and drinks. Shift 1 will help setup the snack bar and Shift 2 will help clean up the snack bar. 

Timing System - 
Home Meets Only records/saves each race (event/heat). Coordinates with Starter to let him/her know the timing system console is ready for the next race. [Training Required]


These jobs are continuous all day jobs that happen on the day of the meet.

Meet Director
Has overall authority and control of the competition and ensures that all rules are followed; assigns and instructs all officials and decides all questions relating to the conduct of the meet. [Training and Experience Required]

Team Parent
For every age group (except 13-14s and 15-18s), separate for male and female, we need two parents to be responsible for the swimmers of said group to get them to the ready bench in a timely manner. The Head Team Parent will provide training and Event sheets noting what events and lanes their swimmers are swimming in.