Swim meets are not only a great family experience, they are an opportunity for our community to come together, support one another and celebrate shared victories and experiences.

Please support, cheer and congratulate the other swimmers. WSST swimmers must wear team suits at all official swim meets (Duals, Tri-Meets, Invitational Meets and Championships). Sportsmanship is an important part of the West Sacramento Swim Team. Swimmers: never leave the pool after your race is over until all other swimmers in your event have finished and you have shaken hands with the competitor in the lane(s) next to you. Respect for all officials, coaches and other non-swimmers is expected as well.



Don't Mess, Don't Mess!

Don't Mess with the Best Cuz the Best Don't Mess!

Don't Fool, Don't Fool!

Don't Fool with the Cool Cuz the Cool Don't Fool!

From the East to the West,

West Sac is the Best!

Don't Mess! 

Swim Meets-What to Expect

Coaches will determine who swims which events your swimmer will be in. Every swimmer has a place on the team and is important to our success.  We want every swimmer to make every meet.

If your swimmer is unable to attend any meet,
please contact the coach immediately at [email protected].  If a swimmer does not show up to a meet without letting the coaches know ahead of time, it will cause last minute changes that will cause delay to the meet. This is not fair to the swimmers on either team. If a swimmer does not show up without notifying the coach, that swimmer may not be allowed to swim in the next meet.  We would prefer to know ahead of time, rather than 15 minutes before the meet starts. Check-in time for home meets is 6:45AM near the ready bench, and 7:15AM for away meets. Please be sure to check in as soon as you walk in the gate. If you are a parent volunteer, please check in with your parent representative.

Warm-ups are mandatory. They are a vital component to each swimmers safety while in the water. Listen for the announcement for your age groups warm ups.

During the meet, swimmers should stay in their team area and obey their team parents. 13’s and Over do not have a team parent so make sure you are aware of the events and getting yourself to the bench on time!

Good sportsmanship is good team spirit. Cheer on fellow teammates. Don’t forget to let other swimmers know that they had a good swim. Have fun at the meets and do your best! 



Go to "Practice Time" for updated info.

Print a goal tracking sheet out and set goals
with Coach Andrew.

 Track your times at each race. If you break a goal,
celebrate and set a new goal!

   Swim Goals Tracking Sheet



Every swimmer must check in with Coach between:
     Home Meets: 6:45 - 7:00 A.M.
     Away Meets: 6:30 – 7:30 A.M.

If your swimmer has not checked-in, they will be scratched from all their races and replacement swimmers put in their place. If for some reason you are running late, please get word to Coach at [email protected]  that you are on your way.  


   Meet Sign-out Procedures:
 -If your child is going to miss a meet,
inform Coach at least one week prior.  
- Last minute cancelations will be
accepted if emergencies (i.e. sick kid).  
Please add Coach Mike’s cell phone number
to your cell in case you have an emergency
cancelation or issues while in route
(got lost, flat tire).

 Why is this important? The Coaches arrange
the number of heats with the opposing
coach on the Sunday before the meet.
Then the coaches seed the meet and
get it into the computer by Tuesday. 
If your swimmer is not going to be
there and nobody knows, it will take time
to re-seed and/or find another swimmer
to fill vacant spots in relays. It makes
for a very stressful morning and
often a delay in meet start.


  What not to bring:

No alcohol 
No BBQ’s (propane)
Portable heaters
Any devices that require electricity 
No Pets
No Pictures (when swimmers are on blocks or diving in from side of pool)
No Smoking/vaping
No scooters/skates 
No sidewalk chalk

No Speeding in the parking lot or blocking the handicap spots to wait for swimmers.

No parking in Rec Center parking lot for swim meets/must park around back in High School lot by track.