The West Sacramento Dolphins are proud to continue our Junior Coaching Program. With this program,
select high school swimmers will be given the opportunity to learn how to become a valuable member
of our coaching staff. Each candidate will go through a screening process to verify that all requirements
are met. Upon selection, each Junior Coach will be assigned to an existing coach as their mentor.
Assignment of mentor coaches will be at the discretion of the Head Coach.  We will be accepting
applications from any high school student once their Dolphins registration is complete.
Purpose:  To encourage high school swimmers to become a greater part of the team and learn the joys
of coaching swim. Program participants will have a opportunity to fill any assistant coaching job
Job Responsibilities
1. Assist mentor coaches with daily swim instruction as needed
2. Provide a positive role model for all swimmers
3. Be available to demonstrate any in-water drills as needed
4. Assist any coach during practice as needed
5. Assist any coach during swim meets as needed
6. Demonstrate core values of the Dolphins at all times
7. Be receptive to continuous learning opportunities online or in person.
1. Must be a high school student, age 14 and up
2. Must have a 3.0 GPA
3. Must attend at least 2-3 practices a week as a Junior Coach
4. Must attend at least 3 practices a week as a swimmer
5. Must have an outgoing personality
6. Must attend all Conference meets and both days of the Championship meet as a swimmer and
as a coach
7. Be able to follow daily plan set by mentor coach/head coach
8. Be accountable for all actions and behaviors while performing coaching duties.
Dismissal from Program
1. If a junior coach's grades drop below 3.0 for the last semester, they will be exited from the
coaching program
2. If a junior coach is involved with any activity involving alcohol or drugs, they will be exited from
coaching program
3. If a junior coach acts in a manner that is inappropriate for any age of swimmer on team, they
will be counseled/dismissed from program.