WSST 2021 Coaching Staff


Head Coach: Lizzy Oliphint Email: [email protected]

Assistant Coach: Andrew Conklin

Assistant Coach: Gabi Ayala





Training Philosophy

The West Sacramento Dolphins (WSST) is a not-for-profit swim organization located in West Sacramento, California. Our team has been an active part of our community and developing swimmers since 1991. 

As coaches, we take a long term athlete development (LTAD) view of swimming, seeing the swimmer's career as an endurance event, not a sprint. We also find that swimmers who learn better stroke technique early, will inherently swim faster and smarter races. 

WSST Coaches stress the ownership of the athlete in the process of their improvement and achievement. Concepts of intrinsic feedback are introduced, along with goal setting, accountability and a vision for the future of their swimming.

West Sacramento Swim Team has a variety of programs to help all levels of swimmers meet their goals. From swim clinics to our recreational swimming team, our instructors and coaches aim to teach athletes how to swim and then help them excel to the highest levels. Through the sport of swimming, we strive to develop the character, skills, and desire necessary for each swimmer to maximize his or her potential.