WSST 2020 Practice Times

Monday thru Friday
(Per WSST policies & guidelines, swimmers are required to attend a minimum of three swim sessions per week.)

April 6th- May 1st

6-unders - New Swimmers            6:00-6:30pm

6-unders - Returning Swimmers   6:30-7:00pm

7-8                                                6:00-7:00pm

9-10                                              7:00-8:00pm

11-up                                            8:00-9:00pm

May 4th - End of Season

6-under - New Swimmers               5:00-5:30pm

6-under - Returning Swimmers      5:30-6:00pm

7-8                                                 5:00-6:00pm

9-10                                               5:00-6:00pm

11-up                                             4:00-5:00pm

Various*                                         6:00-7:00pm

This last group is mostly for 11-12 and up that cannot make earlier practices. Open to advanced 9-10 swimmers. Coach Lizzy will assign all swimmers to appropiate groups.