WSST Parent/Guardian Participation Policy and Volunteer Commitment

WSST is a non-profit (501c(3)) organization, that relies on the participation and volunteer efforts of all our parents/guardians to help the team run smoothly and remain successful and affordable. As such, we expect that each family will make every effort to support our team with their time, talents and energy. By registering a swimmer, the parent/guardian representative agrees for their family to complete at least 8 work shifts*, over the course of the season, which includes:

One (1) shift at the mandatory Blue & White meet, and
Four (5) shifts during the regular swim season, and
Two (2) shifts at Conference Championships (Dates TBA).


*Work shifts consist of approximately 3 hours by an adult family member.

Required Set Up and Teardown for home meets:
Set up is open to all families.
If you are assisting with set-up and unsure where to help, please check-in with the set-up coordinator(s). Those who participate in home meet set up will have the option to leave family tents overnight to save their place. Family tents may be placed AFTER set up is complete. 

In addition to working the required shifts, all families will assist with teardown at our home meets. Teardown is assigned by last name and will be provided prior to the start of the season. Each family is required to participate in 1 of the 2 home meet teardowns, plus teardowns for the Blue and White meet. Reminders will be announced throughout all home meets. If you will be out of town for your assigned meet, you can make it up at another home meet. This job is in addition to the individual shifts required to be worked by each family.

Teardown shifts are required to receive the work deposit refund. You must check in with the parent representative or designee to receive credit for the teardown shifts.

*Families must participate in 2 meet teardowns in order to receive the $100 deposit.

Family Participation Tracking:
It is the family's responsibility to verify that their shifts are tracked accurately and that required shifts are completed. If a discrepancy arises between a family's tracking and the team's tracking, the family must coordinate with the Parent Representative to resolve the discrepancy.

Work Deposit:
A $100 work deposit is collected (per family) through the registration process. It can be refunded to the parent/guardian at the end of the swim season, provided all work shifts are completed and a request for refund is received by the deadline. Paying the deposit does not replace the work requirement. Failure to complete the required work shifts will result in deposit forfeiture and may prevent the family from returning the next swim season. The request for refund must be postmarked or emailed by August 1, 2023 to the Parent Representative.

Sandra Taylor, Parent Representative
[email protected]
West Sacramento Swim Team
P.O. Box 2402
West Sacramento, CA 95691

The 2022 Parent Work Hours Refund Request Form: 
This form can be located on the WSST web site, under the Parent tab. If the refund request is not made by August 1, 2023, the Parent/Guardian Work Hour Deposit will be deemed a team donation.

Buy-Out Option for Required Work Shifts:
If you are not willing and/or able to complete the required eight work shifts, you have the option to pay $400 (in addition to a non-refundable $100 deposit) before the season starts. If you do this, you will not be required to work any shifts at Blue & White, regular meets, or Champs. To utilize this option and to arrange for the additional payment, you must email the team Registrar, Eunice Butler at before April 30, 2023.

Additional Information: 
For more information on volunteering, please contact the WSST Parent Representative, Amber Bryner at [email protected]