LINCOLNWOOD LIGHTNING.......... Summer Training Camp and Competitive Team at Proesl Park 50 Meter Pool >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Swim caps and t-shirts will be distributed to members and are our free mandatory meet gear. Team suits are optional and other gear is available through the Gear Store.

This year we would like members to also purchased the following training equipment: 

All Levels- training fins on our Gear Store below.

Ages ages 12 and Up on L2 and L3- a training snorkel on our Gear Store below.


Our Lightning Gear Store is located HERE

  • Suits and equipment like the fins and snorkel can be ordered and shipped anytime! 
  • The other optional printed gear should be ordered seperately and must be ordered by May 30th.

The log in for the Gear Store:

  • Username: lincolnwood
  • Password: lightning