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Dear Lighting Families


Over the past few seasons, we’ve been asked as to why we have the K and the 2 on our suits. We, the coaches, wanted to share the importance of these two individuals to our team and why the former coaches chose to honor their legacy with their initials on our suits. Both individuals were invaluable assets to our team, and their absence is deeply felt by many of us to this day.


It was April of 2006 when we were struck with the devastating news of the loss of one of our own swimmers, Katina Mendieta (Kati). Kati was this ray of sunshine who brightened all in her presence. Even at a young age, she exuded confidence in all that she did whether that was being an incredible friend, teammate, or source of inspiration to us all. Her passion for swimming was unmatched and her dedication to the team was unwavering.


In the summer of 2006, the team was all given bag tags as a way to carry her legacy. The following summer Kati’s family and coaches decided to make a more impactful way to honor her. They decided a K in the middle of our lighting bolt would honor her memory for our team. Her family also started a scholarship that lasted for 10 years in her honor, the Katina Mendieta Award, for which the team had a swim-a-Thon to raise money for. Our very own coach Jade Oribello had won this award during her time here. All that to say this is why we honor Kati and her indomitable spirit and her infectious smile. 


In 2011 we were shocked that the team had lost one of our esteemed coaches. Coach Kevin McBride had been an integral part of our team for several years, providing swimmers with unwavering guidance, expertise, and a genuine passion for swimming. His dedication to each and every swimmer was truly remarkable. Coach Kevin not only transformed many into better swimmers, but he also instilled in all the values of teamwork, discipline, and perseverance. His commitment to the growth of his swimmers went beyond the pool, as he always made time to listen, inspire, and motivate them to reach new heights.


When we lost Coach Kevin it was undoubtedly a significant loss for our team. His coaching and officiating prowess and ability to unlock our potential propelled our team to numerous victories and personal achievements of his swimmers. His absence left a void on our team, but many saw his family Kim McBride former coach/official, Karissa McBride former swimmer/coach, Kiel McBride former swimmer, and Kameron McBride former swimmer/current coach continue to add to his legacy and carry on his dedication to this team. Our swim community knew we must carry forward the invaluable lessons Kevin imparted to this team and it was the family’s idea to add the 2 to honor Kevin and all he did for the Lincolnwood swim team. The McBride family appreciates the dedication of Lincolnwood to carry on Kevin’s legacy by continuing to work tirelessly, supporting one another, and striving for greatness in and out of the water.


At Lincolnwood Lighting we want to strive for greatness, not just for ourselves but also to honor the legacies of Kati and Coach Kevin. Their impact on our team will forever be etched in our hearts, and we will carry their spirits with us as we dive into each practice and race. We are a family here and that is why we continue to swim with their initials K2 on our suits because of the dedication they had for this team and this swim family. 



The coaches,

For more information please seek out Coach Jade and Coach Kameron