LINCOLNWOOD LIGHTNING.......... Summer Training Camp and Competitive Team at Proesl Park 50 Meter Pool >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> The pool will be open for our 2022 Summer Team! Registration for returning, and new members tryouts NOW OPEN.......

Coaches and Administration

Main Coaches

Anna Koperski-Walsh - Parks and Rec Director, Lincolnwood Department of Recreation 

Lance Grossman - Head Coach

Olivia Borawski - Senior Training

Sarah Pinkerton - Senior Training/Age Group Training 

Jade Oribello - 8 and Under Training

Jake Cachilla - Strength and Conditioning Program



Assistant Coaches

John Semcion - Age Group Training

Andrea Esperon - Age Group Training/Bridge Group Training

Kameron McBride - 8 and Under Training

Eleanor Burke - 8 and Under Training

Elena Escalante - 8 and Under Training

Heidi Stauber - 8 and Under Training

Ella Dunning - 8 and Under Traing/Age Group Training