Awards & Achievements    The Dolphins Swimmer Awards 

High Point Award:

  •  Qualifications: Determined by number of points scored for our team in dual meets.

  •  Awarded to: Ten high point awards are given out to a girl and a boy from each age group who scored the most points.

Most Improved Award:

  • Qualifications: Awarded to the swimmers whose times improved the most throughout the season.

  • Awarded to: Ten most improved awards are awarded to a girl and a boy from each age group whose times showed the most improvement.

Rookie of the Year Award:

  • The Rookie of the Year Award is awarded to new swimmers who show incredible promise. Winners of this award show early signs of qualifying for the Dolphin And Marty Berry Awards in future years.

  • Qualifications

  1. Must be new to Dolphins this swim season

  2. Good attitude and Respectful

  3. Hard worker

  4. Good attendance

  5. Respectful of teammates and coaches

  • Awarded to: Five new swimmers. No restriction to how many per age group or gender.

Dolphin Award:

  • The Dolphin Award is our elite award. You do not have to be the best swimmer to get the Dolphin Award, but you do have to be a well-rounded swimmer. Dolphin Award winners are the swimmers that we hope all swimmers on our team aspire to be.

  • Qualifications: Awarded to swimmers who excel in each of the following four categories:

    1.  Dedication: good attendance, hard working, finished the job and leaves nothing undone

    2.  Respectful: of coaches, of fellow teammates, and of parents, staff, etc.

    3.  Spirit: must have good team spirit which is evident by helping others, encouraging teammates, and being positive

    4.  Ability: must be a strong swimmer who understands the basic fundamentals of the strokes.

  • Awarded to: Five swimmers. No restriction to how many per age group or gender.

The Marty Berry Award:

  • The Marty Berry Award is special to our team because it is named and modeled after our team founder, Marty Berry. Marty is known for being an excellent swim teacher, coach and leader.

  •  Qualifications:

    1.  Age: Must be in the 11+ age groups

    2. Leader: The recipient of this award must be a good team leader who provides help and direction to all teammates.

    3.  Ability: Must be a strong swimmer so as to lead by example

    4. All around team member who is respectful of coaches and teammates at all times

  •  Awarded to: One swimmer. Winner receives a scholarship to pay for next year's swim fees.